How it all begins

So to make a sandwich, you need 2 major ingredients, right?  bread, and something to put between the bread.  A lot of people think that this is pretty simple, but let me give you a little scenario here.

You have 2 people, with the same ingredients; bread, peanut butter, jelly, and butter.  You ask them each to make a sandwich, but what do you end up with?

Person 1: Takes out the pre-cut slices of bread, slabs on some peanut butter and some jelly on the other side, slaps them together, and cuts in half. that is the typical reaction to making a sandwich.

Person 2: This person looks at their watch, and notices that it is only 10:30am.  In an effort to make a sandwich that more suites the time of day, he slices off a couple of thin slices from his loaf of bread, toasts them, applies a healthy amount of jelly, a decent spread of butter, and leaves the peanut butter for later.  The jelly and butter combined with the warm toasted bread (golden, not burnt) will add a slight crunch to the texture, but the soaked in butter will bring forth the creamy flavors in the sandwich. The cool jelly will act as a secondary sensual feeling as the sweetness hits your tounge.  In another hour, person 2 will slice off another couple of pieces of bread, toast those, and make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with crunchy peanut butter for extra sandwichy goodness.

Now which one do you want?  I would prefer to have Person 2 making my sandwiches.  If you have to compromise, here are some good tips to making a perfect PB&J sandwich:

  1. Good bread; It makes a difference.  Today I had a PB&J on Jewish Rye.  It is better for you, it has more flavor, you get some crunch out of the seeds, and it looks better.  Good breads for PB&J are Rye, Whole Wheats, Oat Breads, or Mulit-grain breads.  Sourdoughs, fruit breads, and breakfast breads have too strong of flavors.
  2. Toast it to perfection: A lightly toasted piece of bread does wonders for sandwiches, especially if you are taking them on a trip somewhere.  Some people prefer soggy sandwiches, but I do not.  i would like to be able to take my sandwich out of its plastic sandwich sized bag and eat it like it was meant to be eaten. I don’t want to have to turn the bag inside out and suck the sandwich off the plastic.  Toasting helps because it takes some of the moisture out of the bread, so when the jelly soaks in, it isn’t over saturated. it also adds a nice crispy crunch which feels satisfying to bite into.
  3. A good balance of ingredients: Not too heavy, not too light.  If you go too heavy on the jelly, it falls off the side. Too much peanut butter, and you are licking the roof of your mouth for 3 hours.  Find what you like and stick with it.

Now that you know a couple of the secrets about making a good PB&J, you can go try it for yourself!


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