Adding your own touch; make every bite the perfect bite

Everyone has their own tastes, some people like sweet, some like savory, some like hot, and some like fresh. I like them all.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to get every bite to be the perfect bite, but it is an artform that can be improved upon.  As I talked about last time, it is about ingredients, texture, and what we did not cover was the proper layers.

Trying to have a good sandwich really is like trying to create a work of art. That is why if you go to Subway (not that i would recommend that, go to your local deli first please) they call themselves sandwich artists and not employees.  If you really want to get technical about it, you can read books on taste theory and all sorts of stuff like that.  I would recommend just eating a lot of stuff.  The idea is pretty basic.  Put things that taste good to you together.  The next step is putting them together in a way that other people would like, but that is for another day.  A proper blend of the layers creates a consistency for the sandwich, but also allows for the tastes to be separate and distinct, but also slowly crawl through the palate in an orderly fashion, so you can taste each one.

Here is a little test; you want to get a sandwich that is firey hit and sweet, how do you do it?

Now that you have thought about it, here is my theory; differentiate.  If you put the hot (say jalepenos) directly next to the sweet (say honey) then they balance each other out too quickly.  Spread them out.  Honey on the bread, so it soaks in, and jalepenos in the middle, so you have to bite through a layer of meat, cheese, or veggies first before getting to them. The sweet hits your tongue first, then BAM here comes the hot, but is balanced by the sweet.  Next up, a recipe…..


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