How NOT to make a sandwich

So, here is what not to do with a sandwich; burn it. Sometimes it is ok on a grilled cheese to have it a little darker than normal, because it brings out the flavors, but this past weekend in Utah, my wonderful girlfriend, whom I love dearly decided she was going to make me a sandwich. I asked her if she could toast it, and even though it was on an onion roll, she obliged.

Unfortunately, the onion roll was bigger than the toaster oven, and managed to burn right in the middle of the bun. Also, there was no sauce, no crispness, no crunch (except for the burned flakes :)) so it was pretty much honey-smoked turkey on a burnt onion roll.

It was not the best sandwich I have ever had for sure, but the important thing was I did not go hungry, and it was made with love.


3 thoughts on “How NOT to make a sandwich

  1. some people might say that, but that might be the people who burned the sandwich… the burned parts were the crunchy parts. I don’t know what the blue was on the top of the bun, it looked like paint

  2. Alright, I think this blogger is a little over-the-top. I was in Utah at the same time as the blogger, and I saw a burnt sandwich emerge from plastic bag inside of a paper bag at lunch time. Of course, the top of it was indeed scorched beyond recognition and likely caused a fire at the residence where it was created, but the bottom seemed just fine. Should the onion roll have been put into the pop-up section of the toaster? No way. Should it have been put into the over section? Indeed. I wonder, as a general question, assuming bread fits into both a pop-up toaster and a toaster oven, which produces a better golden toast? My vote is for the oven.

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