The Best Grilled Cheese EVAR!

So this is a sandwich that had a couple of different variations, but the final one was by far one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches EVAR!!!!! (i know i spelled that wrong, it is all about an exclamation here) I love french fries, and I like to put french fries in my sandwich (gyro style… again, another post, but you need the backstory) I also like grilled cheese. I like to put french fries in my grilled cheeses…

so, i went to Tommyknocker’s Brewery one day, and I was about to order some giant chicken wings and I had a craving for grilled cheese. They asked me if I wanted jalepenos on it, and i said yes. can you also put a handful of my french-fries IN the sandwich. The waiter looked at me quizzically and said “IN the sandwich? Like as they are cooking it?” I said yes.

So came back my sandwich, that happened to be a triple decker grilled cheese, with jalepenos and cheese on one side, and french fries and cheese on the other side. It was pretty darn good, especially dipped in a little bit of bbq sauce.

Fast forward about a month or so… when i get another craving for grilled cheese. This time it is my girlfriends first visit to colorado (our second date) and we decide to go grab some lunch. We went to Table Mountain Inn where i frequent because i work across the street, and I asked them to make me a similar sandwich to the one I had at tommy knockers…. But they took it to a new level. This sandwich was very tasty, but it was also kind of like a heart attack on a plate. But it was gooooooood.

What they did was take some texas toast, 3 pieces of it. Then they took some Pepper Jack, some jalepenos, and some anahiem peppers and put them on the first layer. THEN they added the second piece of bread, then a layer of anahiem cream-cheese on top of that, then the french fries. Grilled to a nice golden brown, it was awesome. In fact, the wait staff came over and commented on how the cooks were all talking about this awesome grilled cheese. Some of the staff might have even tried a bite…

It was a great sandwich… check out the recipe section to learn how to make your own!


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