Another french dip sandwich

So I am in alaska for a ski trip so it has been a while since I have talked about sandwiches. We have been touring the last couple of days and ww brought along an old line cook/ chef who said he knows a little bit about sandwiches. He made a bagel sandwich, which we know I am not a huge fan of but he also made a chicken salad with mustard and dill. Again I am not a fan of chicken salad. Strike number two. After climbing 4000 vertical feet any sandwich will taste good. And it was toasted so he got some points there. And the sandwich hit the spot which is always a plus. I will allow it this time.

Yesterday was turkey and mustard on bagels. Also toasted and after 3000 vertical feet it tasted pretty good. The mustard was spread thin enough to not squirt out of the hole but the turkey covered the other hole. Pretty tast but could have used a little bit more crunch.

Today I got a big mouthful of powder served with 12 inches of fresh sides so at the end of the day we decided to call it a day. Legs were tired, back was aching and a sandwich was calling my name. I ended up going to a place called the Indian house which used to be owned by my friends grandparents. They had a pretty good selection and when asked between the burger and the French dip I was recommended the sandwich. This was ok with me. The meat was a little overcooked but the jus was tasty. The bread was toasted and the onion rings were very crispy. I of course added them to my sandwich and dipped it all together in the jus. It was pretty good. The atmosphere is worth goin to this place for! A bunch of characters


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