The last day of sandwich eating for a while…

So it is passover for us jews, and that means no bread. It is a little bit difficult to eat a sandwich without bread, but what is one to do? i mean, my ancestors were slaves and then had a bunch of plagues happen to them, and then they wandered around in a dessert for 40 years. that sounds like it is a lot worse than not eating a sandwich for a little while.

But before passover started, and I was in Alaska, we went to the Midnight Sun Brewery, where I got a pretty good “3 Cheese Squeeze” which is a fancy name for grilled cheese-panini style… well as per my usual standard, I added the chips inside, right there with the roasted tomatoes, the onions, the 3 types of cheese, a little bit of the cheddar ale soup, and the spices (basil and thyme I believe)…

well, i would give it a couple of thumbs up, even if it was the last sandwich that I got to eat.

On another note, the word Seder in hebrew means Order. The passover dinner revolves around this order because it is the way of making sure that the story gets told, and nothing gets forgotten. In addition to the way that you make a sandwich by layering and ordering your ingredients, you build up the story throughout the night. You have a lot of different variables, but the big thing is that we are grateful that we are not slaves in Egypt. Also, part of the Seder is to actually make a sandwich… it is called a Hillel Sandwich, and it goes like this:

Hillel Sandwich:
1. Take a piece of matzah.
2. break matzah in half, spreading crumbs on the carpet.
3. spread horseradish on one side (named Mahror, meaning bitter), meant to symbolize the hardship and bitterness that was going on.
4. Spread Charoset (a sweet apple, honey, nut combination), which is meant to symbolize the mortar of the slaves used to build the pyramids, but also celebrate the sweetness of the freedom.
5. Combine the two and eat, mixing the bitterness and the sweetness into one sandwich.

It is almost like Maxwell House Hagadah is trying to teach everyone something about sandwich eating…..


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