A Sandwich without bread, is still a sandwich?

So what do you call a sandwich without bread? Is it still a sandwich? Would a sandwich by any other name still taste as good? What is the sandwich equivalent of “blue-balls”? More importantly, what do you do to relieve it?

Well, if you go back and look at what I think a sandwich is, with toasted bread, fine ingredients layered so carefully, and dressings or toppings that add extra flavor, then you would agree that you cannot have a sandwich without bread…. or some other kind of bread-like substance.

The other day I went into my favorite sandwich shop D’Deli and asked for a sandwich with no bread. The owner said… “a sandwich with no bread?”

I said “yes”.

He looked at me. I leaned over the counter and said… “Really, a sandwich with no bread. Pretend like you are going to make me a vegetarian sandwich, just don’t put it on the bread. Pretend it threw up or something…” He laughed and smiled.

“oh. you want a salad” he smirked.

“No. I want a sandwich without bread. It sounds better that way to me.”

This is what I got… A sandwich with no bread….

The pickles were a little weird, but everything else was pretty tasty.


One thought on “A Sandwich without bread, is still a sandwich?

  1. That’s funny. But not! Not saying that your order is funny. Just that the owner was kind of confused. Maybe he could make the sandwich, then take the bread away. So as to make it simpler for him to build. Anyhow; I’m glad to have found your blog.
    I too wrote today in a post about a sandwich with no bread, but realized this new KFC sandwich isn’t really that new. But anyhow. Hope to read more soon,

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