Breakfast is an important meal…

Breakfast is an important meal, and sandwiches are a big part of that if you are me. I like breakfast sandwiches. I tried to make a sandwich with french toast once, and that didn’t really work. I have made sandwiches out of waffles and pancakes and that works sometimes.

In fact, Dunkin Donuts has a breakfast sandwich on a waffle now… In addition to their croissant sandwich. I like croissant breakfast sandwiches, assuming the croissant is good… too fresh and it compresses too much, to old, and it is too flaky and it makes a mess.

You know how I feel about bagel sandwiches, and bread sandwiches for breakfast can be ok, if it is an egg sandwich, or lox and cream cheese on a pumpernickle or something…. what is the perfect breakfast sandwich bread?

What do you think? Is it an english muffin, with all the nooks and crannies? is it a piece of toast? I’ll tell you what it is…
it is a fresh made biscuit. Biscuits and gravy go well together, biscuits and hash browns go well, and so do biscuits and eggs. Mix them all together with a little bit of maple syrup and you have yourself a sandwich.

you have yourself a really tasty sandwich. They are sometimes 2 bite sized, and sometimes they are bigger, but they are always tasty, especially with a little bit of honey butter on there as well…. mmmmmm

This sandwich is from Davie’s Chuck Wagon


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