Gardens make good sandwiches

You can make a good sandwich without a garden, but some of the very simple things that grow in your garden are often a great add on to any sandwich. Today was a nice warm day. Sunny outside, people bustling around the neighborhood, and people starting to get into the spring mode.

Today’s sandwich was a turkey on sourdough with a roasted raspberry chipotle sauce, some fresh tomato, cilantro, mint, and avocado. Check out the recipe section to see how to make one of these tasty garden-fed delites!

This means that it is time to start thinking about what you want on your sandwiches! You can really spice up your sandwiches with just a few simple steps.

1. Think basic: Salt and pepper really bring out some of the flavors of your sandwich layers. You don’t want to over use the basics like salt and pepper, but just a pinch will do wonders. Especially on cucumbers, tomatoes, and avocados.

2. Think easy: What do you have accessible that you can add to your sandwich to really give it some kick? I often have fresh cilantro, mint, basil, or oregano around. These things are easy to grow, and will really make your sandwich pop. You can grow them in the garden, in a flower bed, or even in a small pot on the counter.

3. Think fresh: What makes a sandwich taste fresh? using ingredients that are as fresh as possible. If you can go pick them from your garden and put them in your sandwich, it doesn’t get any better than that, unless you make your own bread!

Those are the basic steps to really spicing up your sandwich without a whole lot of effort. Cilantro and mint will bring out a lot of flavors as well as give a really crisp taste to some of the more bitter greens, like lettuce.


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