Breadless sandwiches are not sandwiches

the KFC Double Down is more of a disgrace to sandwiches than anything else I have ever seen. If canada won’t serve it because it is too disgusting (and this coming from the guys who invented fries and poutine) there is something wrong with it. Yes it has layers (chicken, the General’s “Sauce”, and Bacon) but it is missing the key ingredient to make a sandwich. BREAD!!!!!!

There are all sorts of blog posts about the double down right now, and it is making the news left and right, but it also happened to be perfect timing for this blog topic. I am a big fan of burritos and wraps as well… Very often wraps are considered sandwiches, and they can come pretty close. Some things, like lettuce wraps are very tasty. I guess if you are on a paleo diet and can only eat raw stuff, this would work, but not having bread takes a lot away from the sandwich.

Lets take a look at what the bread does….
1. when toasted, it gives you a little bit of crunch
2. it soaks up the sauces and juices so everything doesn’t drip out.
3. it gives you a little bit of grip. You can really get a good hold on the sandwich.
4. it gives your sandwich volume. Just like pumping it up old school style, or going to the hairdresser, it makes your sandwich feel bigger.
5. It adds a texture and feel to your sandwich that you don’t get from anything else. It can change with the bread for sure.

Now lets look at a lettuce wrap, and what lettuce does…
1. when toasted, it gets warm and soggy. Not toasted, it provides crunch. (assuming you use a romaine or iceberg)
2. it does not soak up any of the sauces… in fact, it causes everything to drip out because it is a slippy surface
3. it provides a little bit of grip fro you, but it doesn’t really support the insides of the “sandwich”
4. it makes your sandwich flat. it is like taking a bite of a non-sandwich, and listening to the bbc. everything is pretty not pumped up.
5. you get a little bit of texture, but it causes everything on the inside to slide out on a nice sheer surface….

Now lets look at the KFC Double Down….
1. It has to be toasted or deep fried or something. The breaded chicken needs to be warm and the bacon helps provide crunch
2. it soaks up some of the sauces, along with grease, babies, health and any nutrients it might have.
3. you get plenty of grip on the sandwich, just not able to grip anything else afterwords.
4. Your sandwich has some volume… because it is 2 patties of processed chicken on top of each other…
5. you get some texture, and a little bit of interesting stuff going on there.

in short. Neither the lettuce wraps, nor the KFC Double Down = a sandwich.

here are some pictures of sandwiches… don’t they look tasty?

Lettuce wraps still look a little tasty….

double down’s look even less tasty….


4 thoughts on “Breadless sandwiches are not sandwiches

  1. Two things:

    1.) I can’t say for sure, but my understanding as a former KFC employee is that the chicken itself is not processed beyond marination, breading, and frying (or roasting, as the case may be). Kind of like putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound here, but hey, I’m kind of a nitpicker…

    2.) Did you not blog just a few weeks ago about your “Sandwich without bread”? To wit:
    “‘oh. you want a salad’ he smirked.

    ‘No. I want a sandwich without bread. It sounds better that way to me.'”

    3.) I agree wholeheartedly with your analysis here regardless of my nitpickings. Roll on.

    • In response:
      1. you would have worked at KFC. and it is not free range, that is for sure.
      2. I was not marketing my sandwich with no bread as a sandwich. That was a joke.
      3. I am glad you agree, because i am right 🙂

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