Sloppy Sloppy Joe’s

Sometimes you just have to be Sloppy… Especially if you are in Florida. Florida is the home of The Original Sloppy Joe Sandwich was created in Key West Florida, and was made by a man named Joe Russel. While the name of the restaurant was influenced by hemingway, the sandwich most likely was not.

Now I like a sandwich with a lot of ummph to it, and the thing about Sloppy Joe’s Sandwiches are that they don’t have too many layers. All of the layers are actually mixed into the meat/tomato/seasoning blend. This is all good and well, but it still seems a little weak. You don’t want to put lettuce and tomato on there, and you can’t really put a whole lot more without it sliding off. Well, I think that the Original Sloppy Joe found just what it needed. A bigger bun, and French Fries.

So the other big issue i have with Sloppy Joe Sandwiches is the fact that if the sauce is too watery, you go right through the bun, and then it really is super sloppy! The Sloppy Joe’s restaurant down in Treasure Island (we didn’t go to Key West, where it originally came from) uses a supersized hamburger bun, but the meat helping you get is proportional. Hence the problem of seepage. I will give you the secret of how to eat the sandwich, if you keep on reading.

The secret is very simple. You need to put the good side down. Go grab a hamburger bun. Take it apart. Which side is the good one? That is the question. When you put the sloppy joe meat on there, which side is the good one now? When you go to pick it up, what happens?

The sandwich breaks apart. So, what do you do? you add in some french fries for a little stability….

and you flip it upside down. That way the part sitting on the plate can go on top, the good unsoaked bread is on the bottom, and you have some extra structure to hold everything in place.

Who would have thought you would need to get a structural degree in order to eat a sloppy sloppy joe! I have a couple more sandwiches from this trip, so stay tuned….


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