Another Breakfast Sandwich

So the same trip I took where I got to eat the sloppy joe, I made it a point to eat at least 1 sandwich every day. To start the sandwich day out right, you have to start out with a breakfast sandwich!

So this is how it went down…

Texas Toast, Toasted. A nice thick slice of bread.
Eggs. Cooked with the yokes broken, and pretty firm.
Cheese: 1 slice of american
hash browns; these were more like potato cubes, which was a little wierd, but it gave an interesting texture.
a little bit of ketchup.
salt and pepper.

It was ok…. If I were making it at home, I would probably have cut the potatoes a little differently, and made them not so thick. i would also have maybe added just a touch of vanilla to the eggs to bring out some of the flavors in the bread. I also would proabbly have thrown some sauted veggies, like peppers, onions, and mushrooms in there as well, to really give it some umph….

As far as the cheese goes, I hate to admit it, but I like american cheese sometimes. On this sandwich it was fine, but on my sandwich, I would probably throw a mild cheddar, or even a slice of monterey jack on there (oooh or pepper jack). A munster would take away from the flavors, a gouda would overpower the sandwich, and a swiss would not work well either. A provolone might be ok, but would probably be too strong….

what do you think?

another breakfast sandwich


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