Another fantastic wedding sandwich

It is funny what happens at weddings… but mostly it is funny when people start asking me about sandwiches at weddings. why do people ask me about sandwiches at weddings? because either they know I like sandwiches, or they have no idea i like sandwiches, and ask why I am taking before and after pictures of my plate as I play with my food.

I was at my friends’ Bryan and Beth’s wedding yesterday evening, and they had a really good selection of food on the ole buffet. It started out with a menu. I have never actually seen a menu at a buffet, especially at a wedding, but it was a cool idea. It also got the creative juices flowing before I got up to the food. Also, in addition to the menu, that had something really important…. bread. dinner rolls… the light and soft ones that are good for soaking up whatever is left on your plate at the end of the dish. I also saw slabs of some kind of herb butter along side the mounds of bread rolls…. and then I saw some garlic mashed potatoes, some chicken in a cream sauce, a spinach salad of some sort, some steak medallions, and all the way at the other end, there was a demi glaze and a horseradish sauce. Somewhere in the middle, there was a southwest sauce as well.

There were too many options to put everything on a tiny little rolled sandwich, and I also wanted to make sure I was getting a good balance of food on the sandwich, with enough leftovers that if i wanted, i could have a full meal after the sandwich.
Here is the sandwich pre-construction… can you guess what it will look like after?

So here is how it went….

dinner roll, sliced in half.
Slap on some herb-butter on one side (the bottom we shall say.
Then slather on some of the garlic mashed, in a thin layer, but enough to not only stick to the bread, but give sticking power to the spinach.
Add in the spinach on top of the garlic mashed….
then slice up the steak even smaller, and put it on top of the spinach. Top off with the demiglaze right up against the top of the roll, so that it keeps its flavor. MMM mmm mmmm.

Sandwich post construction:

2 questions people are probably wondering about right now…. why did he cut up the steak, and why did he mention the horseradish sauce and then it didn’t go on the sandwich? Well here is the answer to the first question… It was a wedding. I do have SOME class. i didn’t want to have to pull a piece of steak off of my lap because i chose the piece incorrectly. I cut it up so it was easier to eat without getting all over myself.

The answer to the other question was because I think horseradish sauce on meat is overdone, and while it is a good tasty option, the demiglaze gave more severity to the sandwich. there are not a lot of opportunities for a good demiglaze to be at your disposal, so i had to make do with what i had.

All in all, the sandwich came out pretty good… and in fact started a conversation about what OTHER people should put on their sandwiches that they were going to start making….
One person had chicken, steak, potatoes, horseradish sauce, southwest sauce, and bread on her plate…. her sandwich went like this….
potatoes with southwest sauce facing down.
horseradish sauce going up…

she liked it…. the chicken got left out because the southwest sauce and the chicken sauces would have been ok, but not different enough to be a distinct flavor….

All in all, weddings are still good for sandwiches…


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