Garlic, Horseradish Cheese and Fried Egg on a Cornbread Tostada

So we have already covered that Dunkin Donuts is more american than Cornbread and American Cheese, so i had to step it up a little with this next breakfast sandwich. I wasn’t feeling super creative, but I had already had my donut for the morning from Dunkies….. I decided I would try and mix it up a little with something between southern comfort food, and a little more exotic sandwich.

Well, my mom always has these cornbread tostadas, that are like thin flat corn muffins. I really like cornbread muffins, and I have never had a sandwich on any kind of cornbread. i figured that this would be the perfect time. I put the corn muffins in the toaster, got out the frying pan, and started frying up my eggs. Once the corn muffin things were done and a little browned, I spread some garlic on the top one. When the eggs were done, I folded them up and placed them on the top of the toasted cornbread. I put the slice of horseradish cheese right next to the garlic, and against the cheese, that had some big grains of sea salt and fresh cracked pepper. I put a spoonful of clover honey on the bottom.

To go along with the sandwich, my stepfather made me a carrot juice, with ginger root, and it was a great pairing. The sandwich had an interesting texture with the cornbread, which is obviously a little more mealy, but then the soft cheese and the egg contradicted it. The honey helped solidify the flavors with the sweet aftertaste, and then the garlic and the pepper would kick in and give a little boost of flavor. When followed with a swallow of the ginger-carrot juice, the palate was cleansed as well as invigorated.

It was really easy to make, and as it turns out, the corn muffins are made by Thomas, the same people that make the english muffins. They are slightly bigger than a bagel, and thinner of course, but they do not have the hole. they are a little porous, so sauces will soak into them (like the honey…). All in all, I was pretty satisfied for a quick meal. I don’t really know what else I could have added to the sandwich to make it better… possibly some greens like a spinach or sprouts. I think a tomato would be overkill… but maybe a cucumber. Or a roasted pepper of some sort. The horseradish/ginger combination was great and the garlic/horseradish was pretty tasty too…

Sorry for the terrible picture… This one actually has American Cheese on it, but then I took it off and put on the horseradish cheese after 1 bite. The horseradish was the way to go.


2 thoughts on “Garlic, Horseradish Cheese and Fried Egg on a Cornbread Tostada

  1. Like you I don’t think I have ever had a cornbread sandwich, but I think I am going to have to change that.
    I love cornbread muffins, there is a little place I like to stop and get them from. But if you aren’t there first thing in the morning you are out of luck. Oh they are so good.
    I guess I should learn to make my own and save the disappointment of not getting any.

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