Sandwich in a can? Yep, its a Candwich!

This was sent to me with a question about whether or not this topic was blog-worthy!? I think that anyone who tries to market a sandwich in a can should be given a medal, and praised for all eternity……………………. NOT!!!!! i cannot believe that someone would think that a sandwich in a can would be a good idea. I mean, yes, I am all for sandwich protectors and rubbermaid containers to hold your sandwiches, but at the same time, I never suggested that they be processed and jammed into cans! I suppose that I should not knock it until I try it, but my guess is that it is probably pretty terrible. They say it has a long live on their Website, which means it is most likely full of preservatives and other fake food imposters.

The idea is to market it to active people on the go, who might not have time to sit down and grab an actual sandwich. My question is, if these people are in dire need of a sandwich in a can, how concerned about their health are they? How concerned about freshness are they? It seems to me that even gas station sandwiches are more fresh than something that has been shoved into a can and shipped around the world.

What do you think about the candwich idea? I would be really interested in seeing how this is produced, and how they are getting this past the FDA? how does the bread not get soggy? or stale? this idea of a sandwich in a can really takes marketing sandwich protectors to a new level. Don’t forget to do a little search for Candwich and find out about the lawsuit that they are going through for stealing money to fund this investment…


One thought on “Sandwich in a can? Yep, its a Candwich!

  1. I think this idea would be a whole lot better if they just liquified the sandwich into a tasty drinkable meal. I mean, who wouldn’t want to drink a tasty BBQ chicken sandwich?

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