Another Fine D’Deli Sandwich: Turkey, Siracha, Honey, Pesto, Roasted Garlic, Sunflower Seeds and lots of greens

This sandwich was another fine example of why my local deli is so great…. the encourage people to put lots of stuff on their sandwiches and be creative. they want you to take some time in the line and enjoy your time there.

I was working on my house and was sort of hungry, so my roommate and I went down to D’Deli. He went with the Bahn Mi, which is a favorite of mine, but I wanted a variation of it. I went with a big turkey sandwich, but on one side of the bread i put a little bit of Siracha, some roasted garlic, some honey, and some chipotle aioli. On the other side I put some pesto. And then some sunflower seeds. Then I put down some turkey, on the side with the pesto. Then on top of that I put down some carrots…. then some sprouts… then some mixed greens. there was some fresh basil and cilantro in there. there were some red peppers in there as well… all in all, it was a very flavorful sandwich. here is a picture of it… being yummy.

But I think something went wrong somewhere….

I don’t know if it was because it was hot, or if it was because I had lost my mental capacity working in the attic. But I just wasn’t floored by this sandwich. It had everything I wanted in it, and it looked tasty. I couldn’t pinpoint if something was missing or something else was being overpowered….. I ended up only eating half of the sandwich and putting the rest back in the fridge. I was going to go back and eat the other half for dinner, but then I forgot. The next morning I went to work and grabbed my sandwich…. it was a good thing too. Eating the sandwich the next day really helped me put my finger on what was off about this sandwich…. you know what it was? it was the sauces. They were not in good proportions…. there was too much siracha, and too much pesto, and not enough honey. The roasted garlic was good, but didn’t really jump out because it was buried amongst a couple of different layers of sauces. The roasted garlic should have been in the middle, right next to the turkey and the sunflower seeds, but on the inside, between the meat and the sprouts.

The balance was a little skewed, and I didn’t realize it until the next day…. not only did it have time for some of the sauces to get soaked into the bread, but I also had time to rid my system of the insulation, drywall gypsum, and sawdust I had been inhaling. Having a clean nose sure does make a difference when it comes to tasting things. I am glad that I figured out what the issue was, and I was also glad that i had half of that sandwich left, because boy was I hungry!


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