Sandwich Philanthropy

The other day I was driving my girlfriend to work in denver, and as we were sitting at a stoplight, I saw a homeless man with a sign. Unfortunately there are quite a few homeless people in denver, and on this particular street corner there are normally 5 or 6 people with signs looking for any sort of help. This one in particular caught my attention and made an impact on me.

This sign read. “WANT A BOLOGNA SANDWICH. 50¢ Helps” I noticed this sign right as the light changed to from red to green, and I was in the middle lane, so i could not pull over. Not only do I like sandwiches, and seem to have some sort of gravitational pull towards them, I also feel as though it is in my best interest to help out mankind. This gentleman on the street corner was trying to tell me something.

“I am going to buy that guy a sandwich” I said to Emily.
“That is nice of you” she said.
“I am going to drop you off and then go give that guy a sandwich.”

So I dropped Emily off, and went in search of a sandwich. I went to a little deli on colfax, who’s name i didn’t even catch, and I ordered a sandwich. they didn’t have any bologna, so I went with turkey. It was on bread, and had a little bit of mustard, some lettuce, tomato, and that was about it. it came with chips, and it cost me only $4.75. It wasn’t very much at all to me, but I figured I could make this guy’s day by giving him a sandwich.

I drove back towards the intersection and tried to spot the guy looking for a sandwich. The street that he was on was a one way street, and in order to get to him, I had to make a really big circle. I was feeling pretty good about giving this guy a sandwich, and I figured it would help increase some karma points.

I circled the block and came back to the corner that he was at when I first passed him. But it was empty.

I went around the block, and still there was no sight of the man in search of a sandwich. I was disappointed. I really wanted to make this guy’s day, but he was nowhere to be found. I didn’t know what else to do, so I started to head back home. At the next intersection, I came across another homeless man, who had a sign that read “ANYTHING HELPS”, so I decided to give him the sandwich. I rolled down my window.

“Excuse me….” I said. The head slowly lifts up and the eyes look at me through tiny slits between the signboard and the brim of the hat.
“Would you be interested in a sandwich?”
“What kind?”
“Turkey… with some mustard and tomatoes”
“Sure. I’ll take that from you” as a hand reached towards the car window.
“I hope it helps.”
“Well, I don’t really like mustard, but I can wipe that off” as the hand quickly recoiled, swallowing the sandwich in one quick motion. “I really hope there isn’t a lot of mustard on here….”

Then I heard the faint honking of the car behind me as the light turned from red to green…… I stepped on the gas and wasn’t quite sure what just happened. A homeless man, living on the street, complained about a free sandwich before he even tried it. Not even a thank you? You had better believe if I got a free sandwich from you, I would at least give you a thank you.


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