A tasty sandwich snack from the natural food store

We are going back here quite a while, since I have been busy with house projects, weddings, bachelor parties and other fun activities that do not allow for blogging about sandwiches. I can assure you, that in the following days, I will have caught you up on my sandwich eating, and sandwich defeating.

Emily’s folks were in town, and it was buffalo bill days, so we spent most of the weekend enjoying the history and taking in the sights. We saw the parade, “Buffalo Bill”, Pistol packin paula, and all sorts of festivities. After having funnel cake and lemonade for brunch, we needed a little snack before we had a nice hearty dinner. We opted to head to the natural food store right across the street from the B&B that emily’s parents were staying at.

I have been to this little natural food store a couple of times over the years that I have been here, and i have enjoyed the sandwiches that they have made. I didn’t want something too heavy, so I opted for the DR. Baron, which was a variation of a PB&J. The only thing is, this sandwich didn’t have any Jelly on it. It was Peanut Butter, banana, and walnuts. It was on a wheat bread, and it had just the right amount of insides, but it was missing something…. even with the walnuts, it was missing the crunch.
I knew this was going to be the case, because as i was ordering, emily commented on the fact that it wasn’t toasted… and of course she ordered her sandwich toasted, but we will get to that in a minute. My sandwich was good, I would give it a 3/5. Toasted it would have been a 4/5, but it wasn’t. I think if I were to do things differently, I would toast it, I would add a little almond butter or honey, and i would go a little lighter on the bananas. Toasting would make the biggest difference I would think, and maybe use a slightly thicker bread.

But Emily was smart enough to get her sandwich toasted. She was also clever enough to get something that I would not want to trade with her… egg salad. She really enjoys egg salad, whereas i tend to think of it as somewhat of my nemesis. I don’t like the texture, I don’t think you can get a good balance of the egg texture and something a little more crisp, and I don’t like mayo, or hardboiled eggs. I would say that those were good reasons why I wasn’t going to trade with her.

She gave it a 3.5/5 because she likes a little bit of celery in her egg salad. She also compares all of her egg salads to Suzie’s egg salad (her stepmother’s), which is supposedly pretty good. This egg salad sandwich that she had from the Natural Food Store did have mushrooms, and it was toasted, which gave it extra points. Overall, the natural grocery is a good place to go to get a quick sandwich, with good tasty ingredients. A little on the small side, which is why it was perfect for a snack. Supplement with some chips and a ginger-beer, and you have yourself a nice little lunch.


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