Smile while eating sandwiches at the Smiling Moose?

After a long day of work, a trip to home depot, and a girlfriend who was out with some co-workers, I really wanted something quick and easy. Sandwiches are perfect for that, especially when someone else makes one. So i went to this colorado chain named “The Smiling Moose” where I have had very tasty sandwiches before. They have a lot on their menu, and they have a great selection of veggies, meats, and cheeses. They not only have hot sandwiches, and cold sandwiches, they also have a build your own sandwich selection…. which made me very excited. I stood there staring at the menu, trying to decide what i wanted to build on my sandwich…. and then i saw it.

the fine print…. my options were being limited by the little sign next to the menu. I really despise those tiny little signs that shatter your hopes and dreams like a rainstorm will ruin your picnic. “Small – Your choice of bread or a tortilla. Choose 1 meat, up to 4 veggies, 1 cheese and finish it with one spread.
Large – 12” French Roll. Choose up to 3 meats up to 4 veggies, up to 2 cheeses and finish it with one spread.”
Why should you have to purchase a longer sandwich just to get the options of more meats and cheeses? What if I want 2 cheeses and no meat? what if i want 3 cheeses and no meat? Why do my options have to be so limited? The real questions is what happens if you ask for more than one “spread”? Most of the spreads that they have listed are sauces, which should be combined and compiled to create intense flavor combinations, but to be labeled as a “spread” implies that it is going directly on the bread, which does not have to be the case.

I lost my motivation to create my own sandwich. I figured if they were going to limit my creativity, I would succumb to their desire to have me purchase one of their “specialty” sandwiches. I went with the meatball sub, sans cheese.

It had good sized meatballs, it was toasted to a nice golden brown on top, but still was soft enough to soak up the marinara. The sandwich looked tasty, and smelled pretty good. I was ready to be content with a decent meatball sub…. and i took that first bite…. then i took a second bite…. and a third. But I wasn’t really WOWed…

“maybe a little fresh oregano will make it better” i said to myself, so i got up, went to the garden, and picked myself some oregano… I also grabbed some black pepper, and some minced garlic, both of which I added to the sandwich. Bite number 4 was ok, but I still wasn’t blown away, so I took a fifth bite before getting up one more time.

This time I grabbed some Vidallia Onion dressing from the fridge. I dissected the meatballs from the bread, added in the sauce, and rolled around the meatballs with the garlic, oregano, and pepper. After this, I took a few more bites and was almost satisfied… back to the cabinet to get some crushed red pepper… and the sandwich was more along the lines of what I wanted.

Initially I gave the sandwich a 2/5, because of the meatball size, the sauce to meat to bread ratios, the toasting, and the fact that the meatballs were well cooked. After my additions, I would give it a 3/5, but that was pushing it. I was disappointed that I didn’t have the WOW factor that I was looking for at the beginning of the sandwich adventure, and i was not happy about having to make additions to a sandwich that I ordered because i felt defeated by the limitations in place by the sign on the menu, and i was not excited about having to do the extra additions because i purchased the sandwich in the first place because i didn’t want to make a sandwich for myself.

I have had better sandwiches at the Smiling Moose, so i wouldn’t totally dismiss it, I would just make sure to get something a little tastier. I feel like there is a lot of potential with the bread, cheese, and meat combinations…. i just chose incorrectly.

Next time, we will see what we can come up with!


2 thoughts on “Smile while eating sandwiches at the Smiling Moose?

  1. Too funny that you have gone and paid I am sure good money for a sandwich and then have spent so much time trying to fix it. I would of done the exact same thing and thought I was the only one to go to such extremes. Wish when I went to restaurants I could go back in the kitchens and fix what they are serving.

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