Rainy day sandwiches and movies

Sometimes you just don’t feel like doing much of anything. Sometimes you feel like sitting down, not really thinking about much, and having yourself a good time with some friends. Some times that means watching a movie, going out for a hike or a picnic, or spending a rainy day trying to figure out where you are going to go to get a sandwich that is a little different than those that you normally get.

I am sometimes appreciative of the rainy days we get out here, because we get the chance to not feel bad about staying inside and just hanging out. My wonderful girlfriend Emily, and one of my roommates, Lincoln decided we were going to go to the mall, grab something to eat, and go watch a movie…

yes. i did say we went to the mall….

And not a whole lot was open. Apparently, the mall near us, in addition to charging a tax on the tax, also closes at about 7pm on a sunday. So we went to one of the only places that was open, the Yard House. They have “the most beers on tap” they claim, and they also have quite a few tables. We put our name in, sat down, and looked at the menu…. it being raining out, and since I like sandwiches, i said to myself… i bet they make a good grilled cheese. This might have been prompted by catching a glimpse of the kids menu… i started thinking about what I would want on my grilled cheese…. It took me a good couple of minutes of deep thought before I noticed that they had adult grilled cheeses on the menu….

I decided I wanted the Grilled Cheese, with roasted roma tomatoes, cheddar, gorgonzola, swiss and fontina cheese on crusty artisan bread. I didn’t want the tomato bisque that it came with, and I wanted french fries and caramelized onions in mine. Emily wanted the same thing, but in her usual competitive spirit, she wanted to order first. She didn’t want to make it seem like she was copying me, even though I had suggested i wanted the grilled cheese before she did. Lincoln liked the look of the Cuban Roast Pork Dip, which had “roasted roma tomatoes, pepper jack cheese, pickles, dijon and garlic aïoli on pressed garlic
french bread with bbq au jus” (*please note: the description says with bbq au jus, which is totally unnecessary, since au means with, and this happens to be a pet peeve of mine). Lincoln’s sandwich appeared to be a fancy twist on a ham and cheese, with an interesting mix of flavors.

So the waitress comes around, and says “lady’s first”…. and emily says “ok. I want the grilled cheese and tomato bisque. I am glad you asked me first, because i didn’t want it to seem like I was copying him” as she points at me. “Does this come with the tomato soup?”
“yes. the tomato bisque is the tomato soup”
“ahh… that sounds great.”
“and you?” the waitress questions as she looks at me.
“I will have the grilled cheese, but can you put caramelized onions and french fries in there?”
“They can do the caramelized onions, but they won’t put french fries in there.”
“Oh…. ok… well can i get french fries on the side, and I can put them in? Even though they are better when they are shoved into the sandwich and grilled in that way…”
“I can get you fries on the side” she said, and turned towards Lincoln.

He ordered his sandwich, and we went back to waiting for our food and enjoying our beverages. I bet Emily that my sandwich was going to be better, and that she was going to be jealous. She didn’t want to believe it, but when she heard that I ordered the caramelized onions, I think she knew she was defeated.

Sandwiches came, and they all smelled so good… they were well toasted, not overly browned, and the cheese was well blended and melted, but not burnt or still hard. The bread had obviously been buttered or oiled, and it was cut thick, but was not stale. There was enough give that made it a little spongy, but still had a lot of structure. When my sandwich was placed in front of me, i carefully dissected it and added the french fries. Man… those onions smelled really good! They were so flavorful and pungent, I just couldn’t wait to bite into my sandwich!

Emily’s sandwich looked ok, and the soup smelled really tomato-ey, which is a good combo for the grilled cheese… her sandwich looked pretty, but it sure didn’t smell like mine did!

Lincoln seemed to be pleased by his sandwich… with his dipping sauce and everything.

Now came for the challenge… who’s sandwich was better… mine or emily’s?
Well, I opted to take a bite out of emily’s… and I was not at all disappointed with my sandwich choice at all.
“would you like to try mine?” I asked as I handed the sandwich towards emily.
“sure. why not”
“ok, but you can’t have it all this time” I smirked.
“okay, okay….” she shrugged… and then took a bike right out of the middle of the sandwich…. and then…..

“mmmm….. mmmmmmmmmm” she exclaimed. those onions are really good. And she begrudgingly handed my sandwich back to me….

“i was right, wasn’t I?” I asked.
“yes. you were… ”
“say it….”
“say what?”
“say it… you know.”
“ok. your sandwich was better…”
I smiled… and then we saw Inception, which was awesome!

check out the yard house for their locations and their menu!
Yard House Menu
Yard House Website


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