Is a sandwich by any other name still a sangwich?

I have been eating a lot of sandwiches lately, and have to get them up here, because they range from bbq on cornbread to homemade meatballs on garlic bread…. and some stuff in between. This thread is about what you call a sandwich…. i was watching Jersey Shore the other day and there happened to be a lot of mentions about sandwiches…. I think that is great….. but similar to the drama on the show, here is how my frustration could not be contained, and i threw something at the tv screen…

There are a couple of reasons, so bear with me….

#1. KFC Double down commercials… THESE ARE NOT SANDWICHES!!!!! I ThINK that breadless sandwiches are a disgrace to sandwiches…. and that they are just downright disgusting…. But whatever. I can deal with that. I can understand that Americans want to continue to go over the top with things that will clog our arteries and will kill us slowly… but please stop with the stupid adds…

2. Leaving a sandwich in a car to the point that it makes you want to vomit: Ok. i get it. you are in Miami, and you are partying every night and have no idea what day it is… but WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE A PERFECTLY GOOD SANDWICH IN THE CAR IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!?????? Of course it is going to spoil in about a day in the hot sun…. i just don’t see why you would spend money on a sandwich, and then waste it by leaving it behind…. very disrespectful. on the lines of disrepectful, you can see Pauly D open up the door and just push the sandwich out…. that seems like littering to me? Not to mention the aforementioned neglect for the sanctity of the sandwich in the first place….

3. So Pauly D is already on my nerves this episode, but then he goes on to not only once, but at least twice in the episode again disgust me by his inability to call a sandwich by its true name. he calls them SANGWICHES….. SAN-G-Wich… how does a D sound like a G? i mean… he is from Rhode Island… and he does speak english… and those two sounds don’t sound anything alike to me… maybe if you are lip reading, they look the same, but really? come on…. get it right. It annoys me when people call sandwiches samwiches, and sammy’s… because there is no M in them. It also annoys me when people say a whole nother, and a mass exodus, but that I feel is a different thing.

I really hope that his following does not start to call sandwiches san-g-wiches…. because that would be terrible for me. i do however appreciate the love for the sandwich that these guys have… and how often they eat them. I am very proud of them for that….

but Pauly D, even though I am jealous of your awesome hair, please use the right word when talking about Sandwiches….


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