This is a Mannwich for you Mr. and Mrs. Mann: BBQ on cornbread

So the whole reason I was in CT in the first place was to go to a wedding. The last time I saw the two getting married, they were riding their bikes across the country and needed a place to crash, and a tent that didn’t suck. Well, those were two things that I was able to provide for them, and their wedding was a lot of fun…

But I am not going to talk about the actual wedding, I am going to talk about the food… and the fact that the groom commented on the fact that I should be making a sandwich at his wedding.

Of course I have no problem with wedding sandwiches (see here) and here. The one thing that i did have an issue with at this fantastic wedding at Rocky Neck State Park, was the fact that I didn’t decide to make my wedding sandwich until I was on my seconds. The reason for that was the fact that the only bread there was cornbread, which is great, but it would have been a really small portion of bbq if that was my first helping.

I also probably should have saved some of the sweet potato mash for the sandwich, but I didn’t…. so, after the groom mentions that I should be making a sandwich at his wedding and blogging about it, and getting into a sandwich blog discussion about whether or not it bugs me to talk about sandwiches (which it does not by the way. I love to talk about sandwiches… all the time!) I decided to round up some scraps and make a little sandwich….

Given that the options were somewhat limited to what was left on the buffet table, it went a little something like this:

1 piece of cornbread: sliced horizontally
1 piece of bbq chicken, torn off the bone
1 tong-full of bbq brisket ends
3 tbsp of spicy bbq sauce
2 tbsp of sweet bbq sauce.

Put things that go on the inside of the sandwich on the inside, and smush together. The cornbread was a little thick and crumbly, but overall it worked out….

I raise this sandwich as a toast, to Mr. and Mrs. Mann! Next time, we hang out… I am pretty sure there will be sandwiches!

Overall Rating: A-
Pros: Tasty BBQ, good sauces, the cornbread was moist. Good flavor, fun times, great atmosphere.
Cons: Cornbread was a little flaky and thick for the sandwich. Also, I was a little late and should have gotten the sweet potato mash and the coleslaw in there… Also, it was a little small to be an entire meal, but was a great addition to it!


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