Airport Sandwiches are still cruising…

So after we were in CT for the wedding, we had to get back somehow, so with a bag full of eggplant, we were waiting for our flight to get loaded. We were in boston, so i already had my dunkin donuts, but U was still a little hungry. The girl across the way from me looked like she was traveling pretty light, but then she pulled out the brown paper bag…

I knew that this was not an airport sandwich, just by the wrapping that she pulled out. It wasn’t your standard saran-wrap and run of the mill veggies on a weak roll… this was a wax paper wrapped, toasted rye, with some really fresh looking ingredients built up in solid layers. She slowly unwrapped the sandwich, and picked up one half, took a bite slowly. I think she saw me staring, with a little dab of drool sliding off the corner of my mouth.

“That is not an airport sandwich is it…” I muster up the courage to ask her.
“Tee Hee… Nope. I brought it with me.” she responded quietly, almost embarrassed by the fact that I was talking to her about her sandwich.
“I can tell by the wrapping, and the bread looks nice and toasted. I am not going to lie, I am jealous…”
“I got it at Francesca’s Cafe, by my friends house…” she paused briefly. “its really good” and with that, she took another bite, almost to spite me and my lack of sandwich….

Then I look to my right… there are 3 people over there all eating sandwiches. All three of them! I was surrounded by sandwiches that looked pretty tasty… but upon further inspection, I noticed that all three of the people had pulled off the majority of the fixings on their sandwiches? i mean one had pulled off all of the lettuce, and tomatoes, and the others had scraped off the toppings and the mayo. Oh well… i guess they have a lot of expendable income to waste on $12 sandwiches that you are only going to eat half of because you don’t like veggies.

So I got to thinking I needed a sandwich, but it was late, so I went to the only place I could find with sandwiches, and even though they were pre-wrapped, I thought it might be ok because it was from Wolfgang Puck’s. It was a turkey sandwich on a ciabatta roll, with turkey, lettuce, and a little bit of mayo. I am not a mayo fan, but due to the fact that I had no choice but to eat it, I did.

I was underwhelmed… especially for a sandwich that cost me $8.75 and was half the size of my local sandwich shop. The bread was good, but the sandwich didn’t have a lot of kick.

Overall Rating: B-
Pros: The roll was pretty flavorful, and the meat to bread ratio was pretty good.
Cons: Lack of flavor and pizzaz. i thought wolfgang was better than that.


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