This Hobo Sandwich should get out of the gutter

I like a good cheesesteak without the cheese and I like grilled peppers and onions. I like to have a sandwich au jus, and I like a good sub roll. Mixed together, they should be tasty, with the steak being a little spicy, the peppers and onions being crisp, and the roll being soft but not falling apart.

Unfortunately, the last time I mixed all of these things together, the sandwich really didn’t impress me all that much. I was at Woody’s Pizza in Golden, which is a place that I am at pretty often because it was were Emily worked, where a lot of my friends work, and where the Golden Cruiser rides are hosted. Every other time I have gotten their Hobo Sandwich, which is a “Tender “Philly Style” grilled sirloin, smothered with white American cheese and served atop grilled onions, mushrooms, sweet red & green peppers on a toasted hoagie roll – au jus.” it was really tasty and flavorful.

I got it, and it looked good…. pretty decent proportions, the roll wasn’t falling apart, and the jus that came with it looked decently thick, and not watery.

I didn’t get the feeling that the sandwich was really looking for work, like a true wandering hobo. This one was a little bit more like a bum, or a slacker. A hobo is willing to work, where a slacker is not…..

Overall Rating: C
Pro: Price, quantity, roll
Cons: Lack of flavor, difficult to dip without it falling apart, needed more kick.


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