Jimmy Johns: They really should just give it up “freaky fast”

I can’t stand Jimmy Johns… I really just wish that they would leave me alone… and get away from my local deli, and take their stupid ads off of the radio… I mean, really, would someone call them instead of the fire department if their house was on fire? They are worse than the Geico commercials…..arrrgggg.

But that is not why they should give it up…. I will tell you why.

Jimmy John’s has taken their sandwich naming over the top…. they have decided that should sue another smaller sandwich shop (Halsted Street Deli) for infringing on their names of their sandwiches. The two sandwiches in question are the Turkey Tom and the Hunter’s Club.

I have quoted the article below. As well as included the court docket of the lawsuit. I understand that people take their sandwiches seriously, but this is just ridiculous for a couple of reasons. Jimmy John’s Sucks as a sandwich shop just isn’t going to cut it as a valid excuse, so let me give some more details.

1. The names in question are really not that original at all. In fact, I should probably take up a fight with the patent office, because they are names that should not have been patented at all. Turkey Tom is actually more of a generic term than a lot of other things out there. A male turkey is either a Jake or a Tom, so I don’t seem to think that you should be able to patent a proper noun. The Hunter’s Club? Really? they got that patented? I mean how many hunting clubs are there? How many Hunter’s Clubs are there? I just don’t seem to think that it is all that original?

2. If you have to patent a sandwich name, and then enforce that patent because you feel as though others selling sandwiches are a detriment to your business, then there is probably something fundamentally wrong with your business model. I thought you were a sandwich shop, not a law firm? Lets look at this a little deeper shall we?

2a. From their content page:

What makes Jimmy John’s different from the rest is that it’s honest, it’s damn good, it’s damn fast, at a decent price! Jimmy John’s definition of fresh is worlds apart from everyone else’s. Bread is baked in-house everyday and served fresh. Meat and veggies are sliced fresh in-house everyday. The turkey is real turkey, the roast beef is real roast beef – no additives, no vegetable-based fillers, no fake stuff. Nothing is delivered pre-sliced. Real Hellmann’s mayo, real Grey Poupon, real olive oil and red wine vinegar – it’s the best of the best.

With perfect bread, systems in place, spectacular employees and leaders who lead and don’t pass the buck, Jimmy John’s box rocks. The culture that was created in the restaurants is the same culture that drives the corporate office. “Make a deal, keep a deal” is the Golden Rule. Do it now – make it happen – be a go-getter, no excuses. Jimmy John’s employees are the ordinary people doing extraordinary things. They want to be the best. They don’t mind doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Their hustle is part of how they live their daily lives, and they enjoy the fruits of a hard-earned entrepreneurial lifestyle. Once again, Jimmy John’s wants only the best for the best.

Just by reading some of their corporate history, their franchise investment page, and a little bit more about their company philosophy, it seems to me that suing another sandwich shop goes against the initial attitude that Jimmy John Liautaud had when he started the sandwich shop in the first place. Suing someone over a name of a sandwich doesn’t seem very “honest” from someone who “doesn’t pass the buck”. it seems to me like they are trying to make a quick buck because they can’t cut the mustard.

2b. From a financial standpoint: Jimmy John’s Must not be quick enough:
If Jimmy John’s is relying on suing another company, it means that they probably feel like the loss of business from the competitors that are “infringing” on their sandwich names. Jimmy Johns feels as though there is reason enough to believe that spending a couple of thousand dollars on a law suit is a better way of putting money in the bank than selling sandwiches and franchises. There are about 25 locations of the Halsted Street Deli vs close to 100 Jimmy John’s. According to the Jimmy John’s site, there the average net sales are close to $1,172,013 per store. With an average of 9.5% of those net sales going towards franchise fees and marketing costs, jimmy john’s should be pulling in close to $110,000 annually from each of their locations. With over 1,000 locations, corporate is looking at close to what…. $112 million? Take away another 30% for taxes and overhead, and $84 Million seems like a good number to me..

Bottom Line is pretty freaky, but not freaky good:
I don’t have any actual numbers because Jimmy John’s is privately held company, but I am guessing with over 2500 delis in the chicago area, not to mention to the millions of other local delis, sandwich shops, and other QSR restaurants, that Jimmy John’s is trying to do whatever they can to promote themselves. They offer cheap prices, gourmet ingredients, and on occasion, sandwiches for $1. It must be difficult to make a profit when you are selling things at bottom line prices… or way below. I obviously understand the desire to get people in the shop and get them hooked on your sandwich, but I would be really interested in seeing what their return rate on customers from deals like that are? i am guessing somewhere less than 15%, but it also seems to me like they don’t do a lot of tracking…. but that is probably a per-franchise basis. I prefer to go to a shop with higher prices, longer waits, and better sandwiches.

here is the article…. feel free to give me your thoughts….

Jimmy John’s sues Halsted Street Deli over sandwich similarities
By: Lorene Yue October 11, 2010
(Crain’s) — Jimmy John’s Enterprises LLC is crying foul that a competitor’s sandwiches are too much like its own.
Jimmy John’s is suing Chicago-based Halsted Street International Inc., the parent of Halsted Street Deli, for infringing on two of Jimmy John’s trademarks.
Champaign-based Jimmy John’s, which has more than 1,000 locations across the country, claims it created its Turkey Tom and Hunter’s Club sandwiches in 1984 and trademarked the names in 2002.
Now Jimmy John’s says Halsted Street, with more than a dozen Chicago-area locations, is deliberately confusing customers with its Tom Turkey and Hunt Club sandwiches. Jimmy John’s claims they have virtually the same ingredients.
There are an “unlimited number of readily recognizable and readily distinguishable sandwich names that have been and could be developed by competing restaurants for sandwiches,” Jimmy John’s attorneys said in the suit.
Bill Gomez, owner of Halsted Street International, declined to comment on the suit.
In July, Jimmy John’s sent a letter to Halsted Street International and all of its locations, asking them to stop using the names “Tom Turkey” and “the Hunt Club.”
Halsted Street responded by saying it could see no similarities between the items, according to a letter included as part of the Jimmy John’s suit.
“Our client’s use of Tom Turkey is generic and not likely to create confusion vis a vis your client’s Turkey Tom mark,” a patent attorney wrote on behalf of Halsted Street International. “Your mark includes the possessive form of ‘Hunter,’ namely ‘Hunter’s,’ while our client does not use the possessive form.”
Jimmy John’s attorneys sent a second cease-and-desist request in September but received no answer.
Now Jimmy John’s wants a federal judge to order the names off Halsted Deli’s menu and pay unspecified damages, as well as court costs. Jimmy John’s also wants destroyed all menus and signs displaying the two sandwich names.
The suit was filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Chicago.


59 thoughts on “Jimmy Johns: They really should just give it up “freaky fast”

  1. Here in Florida, Jimmy Johns is trying to sue Hunt Club Subs N Grill saying that the name confuses their customers because of their “Hunters Club”. Not even close. They Are Jerks.

    • As I have mentioned before, they are terribly worried about the fact that they have competition with one of the most unoriginal names in sandwich history. They are obnoxious and who really cares about free smells…. they are a blight upon my community, and I don’t even go in there (obviously…. )

  2. Do not quote me on this. But i believe the reason Jimmy johns takes the patents on there sandwiches so seriously is because of two other sandwich shops that literally copied there menu down to the T. The restaurants being Milios, and Erberts and gerberts. The founders of these two restaurants are actually related to Jimmy. Jimmy gave them advice on there business plans and pretty much wrote the book on developing there business under the agreement that they would not expand there company out of there starting area. However both companies did indeed do just that. Because these two companies copied literally every aspect of jimmy johns jimmy has become very cautious of other companies doing just the same. If you founded a business from absolutely nothing and this happened to you i think you’d be the same way.

    • While I am for protecting your rights and growing your small business, you also need to understand that certain things should just be left alone. Like companies that have been around longer than you have and have been using names for almost as long as you have been in existence. It is not like Jimmy was the first guy to ever start a sandwich shop, nor a sandwich shop chain. How often do you hear about Subway suing people for having a “foot long”? If you are willing to have a product that you must patent in order to protect, you shouldn’t design your business model around a generic sandwich with a generic name. Give someone a reason to try and steal it in the first place.

      I haven’t followed up on this for a while, but I might have to, just to see if there have been any recent developments.

      • Correct, jimmy is not the first person to start a sandwich shop, however he is the first person to be screwed over by two other companies that copied his menu, business plan, and systems and procedures. Subway was a horrible analogy. theres 0 other companies that Advertise “foot long” as one of there main slogans therefor would not have any reason to sue anybody and we are not talking about advertisement anyway. It may be a generic name for a sandwich but it is still patented. The business model isnt designed around what they call the stuff on there menu. its desgined around being the freshest, fastest food around. as far as giving someone a reason to steal patented items from jimmy johns is not even nessecary. The history and numbers speak for them selves. Jimmy johns has been the Fastest growing QSR for the past 5 years consecutively opening up 200 plus stores a year for the past 3 years. The Halsted street deli refused to comment on the aligations for a reason. They Changed the name of there sandwiches for a reason as well. If you had any expierience in this type of business or owened this type of business you would understand. All im saying is why hate on a company for protecting its own. especially after being screwed twice in the past. Atleast no some basic history about the company before you bash on them.

      • For your information, I do have experience in this kind of thing, which is why I know that it is significantly easier to change the name of a sandwich rather than compete against a large company that will draw the lawsuits out until the little guy has no finances left and then it does them no good to try and fight the big guy. Lots of people have been screwed over in the restaurant industry. Tons of fast food restaurants copy each other. If Jimmy John is so upset that people stole his entire business plan, why did he give it to them in the first place? Even he was trying to help out his family, that doesn’t mean they are in it to make their own money too? He should have realized that before he gave them the info and trade secrets.

        So now he flexes his muscles and shows how much of a badass he is by putting the legal weight on sandwich shops that have no desire to be as big as he is, nor do anything similar except make sandwiches.

        If you want the freshest fastest food around, you should not go to Jimmy John’s. Maybe he is the freshest around where you are, in which case I am sorry. I go to other places that actually care about the ingredients they are putting in their sandwiches.

    • Excellent. I work for Jimmy Johns and honestly I love it. They mean no harm to anyone, and though that may be just my franchise, nor would they do this if they did not feel it better served not the store but the stores regular daily customers. People get deadly serious about what they want on there Turkey Toms and its all Jimmy Original. Every ingredient in that store comes in a box that says “Jimmy Johns” on the side. How much more original can you get when even the bread knife is branded by the company. The music we play on the radio is even a Jimmy Johns radio program. You can’t get much more original than JJ’s and he deserves a chance to defend his 40 something year old company. I agree with you

      • There is a difference between branding and originality. I am glad you love working for your company and singing kumbaya with your fellow co-workers.

        I am pretty sure you are brainwashed by the way.

  3. Jimmy Johns meats and vegatables are sliced daily. They get 4 produce trucks a week. The only thing thats not fresh is what you see on the display shelves in front of there stores. The bread is baked fresh throughout the day. There sandwiches are made in 15-30 seconds. Tony is right you should know something about a company before you bash them. Atleast dont spout off lies that they dont care about the ingredients they put on there sandwiches. Your lack of knowledge about this company makes your opinion not worth anything.

    • Oh, i am sorry that everything you read on the internet is true.

      i can cut meats and vegtables cut everyday at my house house, but that doesn’t mean that the cucumbers are not sitting there for 2 weeks. 4 trucks a day means that there are 3 days without fresh veggies, at least right? If you are saying that every jimmy john’s gets 4 truck-fulls of produce a week, that seems to me that there are a ton of shops that cannot support that kind of volume, which also means a lot of waste. I suppose this is good for farmers

      So why would I go there when I can go to a place that gets their veggies fresh every day, that same day, and only buys enough to last that day, and also bakes their own bread?

      • “So why would I go there when I can go to a place that gets their veggies fresh every day, that same day, and only buys enough to last that day, and also bakes their own bread?” << this right here means you would want to eat at Jimmy Johns!

        ok you really shouldnt be talking about things you don't know about. The Jimmy Johns I am at gets 6 trucks a weak and I guess I should spell it out for you and say it is because we use fresh ingrediants daily. How that works is we know how much we go through from day to day so we can plan to not waste. If a jimmy johns is starting out and maybe "can't support that much volume" they simply order less produce than the stores doing high volumes. This is simple I don't understand why you would accuse JJ's of wasteing while it is a company supporting local produce companies (our produce company tells us we get produce deliveries most frequently) which means I really doubt where your eating is as fresh. At Jimmy Johns there is no where near the amount of waste as other places I have worked. He already tried to tell you this so I guess you can believe what you want but your assumptions have no truth.

      • Wow, you Jimmy John’s workers must really love your jobs. You keep claiming that I am accusing and making stuff up, but all I see is Jimmy John’s employees giving me numbers. I want to see sources, manifests, delivery schedules, invoices, reports on scrap and waste compared to other QSR’s. I am just a guy on the internet with a sandwich blog and I don’t like Jimmy John’s. I don’t work for Jimmy Johns, and they do not publicly share all of their information so I do not have access to these “sources” that you all do. If you can show me hard facts that back up these “numbers” that you are giving me, that is fine.

        Until then, I think you are just sad lonely Jimmy John’s employees that have nothing to do but defend your daily ritual of going to work and making crappy sandwiches by posting about how awesome Jimmy Johns is.

    • Funny story. Subway uses fresh ingredients too. Bread baked in the store every day all day long. Meat is sliced on the slicer every day. I know this, because I used to work there. Jimmy John’s is overrated. (So is Subway.) Big Town Hero is the bestest.

  4. Alright dude i have worked in the past for jimmy johns as well as MANY other restaraunts. Every Jimmy johns i have ever been apart in working at has gotten 3-4 produce trucks a week. Produce delivery comanies have a minimum amoutn that can be delivered. so getting fresh veggies from a mass producer is not possible. the only other option would be to go to your local super market. Have you been to a supermarket lately. Trying to compare super market produce to that of apperts, duck delivery, etc is rediculous. its an inferior product. If theres some place thats getting there veggies “fresh” everyday its from the supermarket which is far from fresh. Veggies at supermarkets are also packed with 4 times as many chemical preservitives as that of produce companies. All veggies are used by the next day that they are recieved and they get thrown out after sliced if not used. If you were to get your veggies daily and only get enough for you to use that one day then if you broke your projections and ended up doing more in sales then you anticiapted then your setting yourself up for failure. There is less waste in this company than any other restraunt i have ever been apart of. A company that slices all there own veggies and meats and makes tehre own bread with a 25 percent food cost is nearly impossible to top. Unless your growing your own vegetables and slaughtering your own animals getting a fresher product is very unlikely. So before you come to conclusions and rash opinions you need to go out and actually learn something. You’ve proven with your word that you are an idiot.

    • wow, someone has their panties in a bundle because he doesn’t like people talking poorly about the precious company he works for? Sorry to hear that.

      Did i ever say they were getting the veggies from the supermarket? no.

      Oh, and no waste from Jimmy John’s? I call bullshit.

      • That wasn’t really funny. He just looked like an ass. Subway doesn’t have to do this for PR.. they get to be show cased on shows like the Biggest Loser..that’s awesome PR on it’s own. JJ’s scores BL over Subway than speak to me.

  5. I believe i said “previous”. Did you read any of what i just submitted? Read the whole part about produce again… and then again…. eventually something might stick in your weak mind haha. I also didnt say “no” waste. Just less than 90 percent less than any other QSR . 25% food cost benchmark is proof enough. Everything about the company that i or the dude that just posted above me has stated has been facts! everything you posted other than the “lawsuit” which you didnt even know why he went forth with is 100% opinion with no knowledge of anything about the company. Theres always gonna be haters. Your one of those people that walk into a restaraunt looking for something to complain about. I see them all the time and you fit the profile. Im finished trying to explain something that is above your ability to comprehend.

    • Tony, it is a blog about sandwiches. I read what you posted, and I see you making up facts. Show me the actual data, not just something you made up. I am sure you can find it…

      Anyway, I am sorry you can’t get through to me and my weak little mind…. I guess i am just an idiot. i also think you are getting way to into this. I am just a guy on the internet with an opinion. I don’t like Jimmy John’s. I eat at a lot of restaurants and expect the same from all of them, service, quality ingredients, and tasty food. You want facts:

      I have not gotten any of those when I have been to Jimmy John’s. Fact.

  6. And to elaborate;

    I don’t understand why/how anyone would defend the crappiest mass produced sandwich that I’ve ever had. It’s garbage.

    I’m sure those produce trucks of theirs come straight from a farm and don’t stop until they reach a jimmy johns. 

    How deluded can people be?

  7. All that matters is that Jimmy John’s is successful for a reason (that reason is that their customers love the sandwich) and has certain stores that do greater than $1 million of revenue with margins close to 20% for the good operators. You can hate Jimmy John’s but it will not change the fact that they are successful.

    There will always be competitors and in a capitalistic country you must protect your business otherwise you will be out of business really quick. I don’t blame Jimmy John’s trying to protect their turf and don’t blame their competitors trying to copy a successful business model. Let the judges and the arbitrators figure out who is right and who isn’t.

    As far as the freshness of the produce, if it looks fresh to you, smells fresh to you, and tastes fresh to you, then that produce is fresh. Otherwise just stay home and eat your home cooking where the only person you can blame for crappy food is yourself or your significant other.

  8. I couldn’t even read past the first paragraph… asking if anyone would really call Jimmy-John’s before they called the fire dept. Listen to the WHOLE commercial… the You Tube version is cut off by a couple seconds.

    After the guy asks if the fireman would like a sandwich, the fireman says “but let me ask you something, why didn’t you call the fire dept. first?”, and the customer says “I did.”

    It’s just a clever way of saying their fast, not offering their inferno-extinguishing services to sandwich buyers.

    You might’ve said some good stuff here, but the ill-founded issue with this commercial scared me off from anything else you had to say.

    • Wow, you are just like the rest of the jimmy john’s fans…. not willing to actually listen to someone else’s opinion, but diehard about your crappy sandwiches.

      • I didn’t see Rich say a negative thing about your opinion. He merely stated that your article was incorrect about the calling of the fire department first. I myself have never had their sandwiches but their commercial was very funny. This was because they did call the fire department first. The sandwich deliveries just got their faster. The YouTube version is cut off by a few seconds and leaves you to believe what you want. You should listen to the true radio add in its entirety.

        Why would you say he is diehard about a crappy sandwich? He never said anything about their quality. It seems you are the only one who is not willing to listen to others opinions.

      • here are 2 things…. I listen to people’s opinions, but Rich didn’t even read past the first paragraph and decided to comment on my inability to find an ad funny. I really don’t care if the person actually called jimmy johns or the fire department first. their commercial still bugs the crap out of me.

        Secondly, you are correct. I should not have said anything about him being die-hard about a crappy sandwich, he never once mentioned that he even liked their sandwiches. I should have commented on the fact that he is a marketing genius and I know nothing about marketing or marketing related activities. I should be thanking him for clarifying to me that the ad was 1.) supposed to be funny and 2.)supposed to show just how quick jimmy john’s delivery is, I couldn’t really understand what they were trying to do there (*note to any reading… this is sarcasm. if you have a sarcasm meater, turn it up… and yes. i did mean to write meater, its a funny sandwich joke to me)

        I really do like to listen to people’s criticism and opinions, as without them you don’t end up with any interesting conversations. i do however cannot stand when people will decide to read the opening line of something and decide that all opinions should be based solely upon that. I mean, come on people. my article was not even about the commercials, it was about the TERRIBLE BUSINESS PRACTICES AND LACK OF ORIGINALITY that JIMMY JOHN HAS.

      • I have read a considerable amount of this blog…personally I think you are all ridiculous. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. People love it and people hate it for their own personal reasons this is the only fact of any of this. Both sides of this debate need to stop pushing their opinions as fact and just leave it be. I’m sure you could all find something more constructive to do than sit around and argue about Jimmy John’s all day. It’s really really sad that this is what is being discussed online instead of more important issues. The political, environmental, and educational issues are far more pressing than that of a freaking sandwich shop. I happen to work in the corporate office of JJs and this is my opinion, I do love my job but the fact of the matter is the only people that the survival or dismantling of JJs matters for is it’s customers and it’s employees. What anyone else thinks really doesn’t matter. With that said find something more proactive. Opinions are like farts, everyone has them and most of them stink.

        Also, if you wanna hate, hate but don’t tell everyone that likes JJs they are wrong simply because you do not. You’re right we aren’t cheap, dollar sub day happens once a year, it’s called Customer Appreciation Day and the volume the store do more than make up for the cost of the sandwich, second maybe we aren’t gourmet but that isn’t for you, me, or anyone other than Jimmy himself to judge on it is his business and he can call it what he wants. Also, our ingredients are the freshest possible, bread baked not only daily but constantly daily to ensure our customers get the freshest product we can offer them. Lastly, JJs is franchised meaning different stores have different owners, those owners are supposed to be in compliance with JJs rules 100% of the time, sadly this is not always the case and those are the stores that give the JJs brand a bad name. Just because one or a handful of stores are bad or perhaps you had a horrible experience with one or several, they are not all that way. Across the country there are more great stores than bad stores and we are constantly striving to better our business for our customers, remember the only reason JJs is as successful as it is, is because more people like it than hate it. Telling people they are wrong for liking it is just plain wrong. These are the facts. It has nothing to do with numbers, just facts which are those that I gave you and the bottom line is just because people like something that you don’t doesn’t mean they are wrong.

      • For a guy who works for Jimmy john’s, you are pretty well spoken.

        I personally like the fact that you tell me I should go discuss something besides Jimmy John’s, when you are commenting on my sandwich blog. What do you propose? a discussion of the current state of the middle east peace talks? i could probably come up with some pretty good information there, but


        Thank you for reading, and I appreciate that Jimmy John’s corporate is concerned about what my personal opinion is.

  9. You are a f****g moron. You are hating on an amazing sandwich shop because they are fast, have gourmet sandwiches, and quick delivery?? BECAUSE THEY ARE CHEAP? The F***? You sound SO stupid.. Just another haterrrr…… 🙂

    • You obviously do not know how to read. Please go back to the 4th grade and re-take reading comprehension.

      1. I am not hating an amazing sandwich shop, so the rest of your points are not even valid.
      2. they do not have gourmet sandwiches
      3. i don’t care about the delivery, i like to enjoy my sandwiches in my local sandwich shop.
      4. I don’t hate them because they are cheap, but they really aren’t all that cheap.

      i am the one that sounds stupid….

    • Do you actually know what gourmet is? I doubt you do if you consider JJ’s gourmet. Just wait till one day Subway wants to deliver (it’s not that great) people will come at the masses putting JJ’s out of business because of the cheap foot longs now with delivery. What will JJ’s do then? Sue subway for doing delivery? LMAO. I foresee a lot of suing in the future because more upcoming franchises are going to jump on similar band wagons and JJ’s won’t have much going for them as much anymore.

  10. Jjs does suck but not because they are suing someone over infrindgement. I worked there for over a year and was the main closer. I was trained a certain way and all that. Then on one of our busiest nights the manager on duty was trying to take an easy way out doing inventory before close leaving me as the only person making sandwiches and answering phones even though we were being hit with a bar rush. Long story short i made an unwich without using the mayo portioner, I just used the spatula we used to spread it. No harm no foul, expect there was an undercover shopper who happened to be in shop who turned out to be a high up in the company. Even though the manager was supposed to be working too and flat out admitted he had trained me to be fast, they “passed the buck” and fired me instead of disiplined the manager.

    That is only one of the crappy events that I could mention on a long list that was built up over my time there. Who cares about this turkey Tom issue or whatever really? Jj himself is a cheap ahole who fosters a crappy environment for wage employees.

  11. Your whole artical is flawed. Using your logic I could open a resturant and sell big macs and quarter pounders. I could also have a counter to sell my own iphone’s and mac computers. But why stop there? Lets open another shop that sells our own professionally made iron 883 motercycles, or our own version of turbo tax.
    Jimmy Johns only has thier brand. Thats what they sell to franchisees. Otherwise anyone could open a “Jonny Johns” with the exact same logo and set up. Patients and trademarks are there to protect the people who made them. Guess you wouldnt know anything about that.

    • Interesting point, except I see a few flaws with your argument. If you want an interesting case about patents, trademarks, etc, take a look at the Budvar/Czechvar case. A beer that is one of the oldest breweries in the world can’t sell their beer due to a patent infringement by a company that has more money?

      Interesting you bring up apple, since they have gone so far as to patent things that should never have been allowed to be patented either, such as icons with rounded corners. There are quite a few companies like Samsung who blatantly copied some of the patented features, full well knowing that they were doing it, but they still found it to be more profitable. Apple had the foresight to build in their business plan that they were going to be able to capitalize on their patents and the infringements thereof.

      you claim that Jimmy John’s only has their brand, and that is what they sell to franchises? what do you mean by that? they have a logo, a menu, training methods? I don’t see your point. If you are selling franchises, it is because people are buying them thinking that there is a niche that needs to be filled in the market. People purchase franchises because after the initial outlay of cash, you have a lot of support from the Marketing department, as well as increased familiarity of the product. Buying a franchise is an easy way to get into the restaurant business if you have cash. If you were serious about starting your own sandwich shop, would Jimmy John’s really be your ideal business model? I know it wouldn’t be mine. The reality is that Jimmy John’s offers a logo and marketing, and the rest of their business model is not unique in the slightest. They patented their menu because they were allowed to, not because it was so out of the ordinary that they thought it was necessary.

  12. Let’s not forget that Jimmy John’s was forced to change the name of the “Sorry Charlie” to the “Totally Tuna” due to an infringement on Starkist’s trademarked mascot.

  13. JJ’s are decent. Not great. I’d rather still go to a great place for a sandwich like a Deli in NY. Don’t discount mom and pop shops just because they aren’t part of the fast food franchises :-).

  14. Honestly, my main beef with Jimmy John’s is that they tend to employ rude/sullen hipster jerks. I swear if a town had twelve idiot hipsters, Jimmy John’s would hire the dozen.

    • Please keep in mind JJs is franchised, those employees should be fired but the home office has no jurisdiction over the franchises human resources. This is something I have also noticed and sadly it gives the entire brand a bad name, and that isn’t the case. There are many awesome JJs shops out there. We all make mistakes it’s how we try and rectify it that makes all the difference.

  15. New to this forum, want to make a comment: I just started at JJ’s. It is by far one of the WORST places I have ever worked. The corporate mentality creeps me out big time. You must spread mayo a certain way, etc. I think the fact that everyone is so rushed leads to a stressful atmosphere which does NOT telegraph Jimmy John’s striven-for faux down home ambience. The managers all seem brainwashed and handpicked for their lack of education and/or intelligence. I must reiterate that it is SO creepy that everyone has to dress and act exactly the same. We are not allowed to drink water out of the plastic cups given to
    customers but are only allowed to
    drink out of tiny paper cones (environmentally friendly, sure, but at least make them full-sized)! We are
    obligated to pay $25 to purchase the mandatory JJ’s uniform. Drivers have to cash out off the clock, and don’t clock
    in again as in-shop (making $6 an hour). I asked my manager if it was common for people not to tip on credit cards and he told me not to complain (again, making $6 an hour for biking in 100+ degree heat. I have to deliver one sandwich miles away on my bike, often returning again and again to the same place with one $6 order. The first day some bitch in the kitchen working in a quasi-supervisory position made me turn around and asked the manager to inspect my butt for a tiny rip in my Jeans. So far most everyone is an asshole-not that I blame them, working there- and I say that as someone who has worked plenty if service jobs and loved it and loved them and loved my coworkers. It id the horrible stressful individuality-killing environment I think that makes people act like this (with fake geniality for the customers). Thank God I am leaving in a month to teach at a university. I hate JJ’s so much I typed this whole thing in my phone, so please excuse typos, repetitions or other errors as I can’t see the tail end of what I’m writing.
    (edited to remove repetitions)

  16. You sir are a very negative person.. we get it you hate JJs but we also know you value no one elses opinions. Congrats on your shity blog… oh by the way JJs where i am at is faster than the fire department…so yeah you dont find the comercial ammusing because you are a hater to the world. Typical hipster bloggers…its like just anyone can have a blog these days… oh wait they can… dumb fuck

    • I must be moving up in the world, I got called a hipster. I appreciate that you have found my 2 year old blog posts and decided to post your opinion. I deeply value your opinion although I still think it sucks, I am glad you shared yours with me. oh wait, you didn’t.

  17. I see where your complaining is coming from..& this is not unusual behavior from a big company..big companies usually fight to defend every part of their product so that even the orange color in the outside of a Reese’s cup package is patented..that is the aggressive behavior of business & it is so that no one is making money of off any part of someone else’s idea as you know..IMO I’m not a big supporter of that ideology & I agree that if a company gets too nit-picky about it, it just looks like straight up bullying to smaller companies. & I get why you’re pissed about it being a generic brand name & yet them making a big deal about it..it’s pretty retarded that they’re suing for that, although like someone has commented apparently it has happened to JJ’s with the Sorry Charlie as well! & like you said, they probably won’t lose too much if they didn’t go with the suing, but I am guessing it’s just the policy of a company, large or small, to defend it’s image. Most people aren’t getting to rattled about this, or offended by JJ’s because this is the norm, at least in the US..if you’re a business, these are the things you have to look out for..you have to be careful you are original. & I believe JJs is 15 yrs older than this company they’re suing..
    I think your attack on Jimmy John’s is a bit unfair also…Businesses grow not only from money & these kind of tactics but also because people LIKE them. People liking them is a big factor..people love Jimmy John’s because some people love the atmosphere of a Jimmy John’s shop, or getting sandwiches delivered, or their amazing cookies, the music at the shop, etc. Where I live it is the cool college place to go to lunch, and there are a lot of regulars there. It is not even really a cheap place, as you have said, people just enjoy going there. I mean, college students are almost always broke. At least I always am, & I still like to go there if I can afford the chance to hang with my friends. Mind you, I always like to go to the local places, we have an awesome and original local burger place that’s only in this town (and has awesome original shakes as well), and some really nice local cafes that have live music. I’ve also been to the farmer’s market now and then. Yes, from the point of view of a local sandwich shop, JJs can seem like an obnoxious spreading chain and a threatening one, just like many people hate Walmart for it’s success because it has choked off so many local grocery stores..& looming businesses like Starbucks that threaten local cafes..but once a company has success it is they’re choice to serve a bigger demand, and if they’re having success with that, that means people don’t care about things like this as much as they care about how much they like the company. I can’t say I have a horrible opinion of Jimmy John’s after reading your blog, although I agree with some of your statements. In fact, I still like them. If a better sandwich place in town shows up, local or not, I will go there.

  18. Dobish,you are an idiot.I have never eat at jimmy johns and I am a vegetarian but your complete lack of restaurant and food service knowledge is astounding,especially seeing as you wrote this article about a food service establishment.Some of the stuff you wrote I literally did the”face palm” when I read it.I mean you wrote that they dont have fresh veggies because they get trucks four days a week.So you think if I but a tomato today and put it in the fridge,tomorrow it will be bad and not fresh?You sir should NEVER write about something you know 0 about.This is an embarrassment.

    • for a guy telling me I shouldn’t write about stuff I don’t know about, you seem to be hypocritical.

      you don’t go to Jimmy John’s, but you tell me my opinion is wrong.

      you don’t know how to read.

      I don’t know what restaurants you have worked in, our what sort of quality you like in your food, but you should not store tomatoes in the fridge since they lose their freshness.

      you are responding to a 3 year old blog post.

  19. I cannot comment on the culture at Jimmy John’s, but I will say this: I got a sandwich there yesterday, a bag of chips and a tea and it was $9.62.
    The sandwich had such a small portion of meat that I couldn’t tell it was there.
    I should have just taken a piece of cardboard and slapped a little mayo on it and eaten that. Oh wait, I did.
    They must be mighty proud of the tasteless crap they pump out to charge the outrageous prices that they do.
    And people like this crap?

  20. I am an employee for Jimmy John’s and I absolutely hate every second, but its all I can get right now. I don’t know how much of what any of you are saying is true, but i have a lot of things I need to ge off of my chest.

    The owner of my franchise is a complete asshole. When he comes into the store, he points his finger and barks orders like a rich red faced tool. He is so cheap it freaks me out. Our refrigerator smells like the inside of a dead cat because its 10 degrees warmer than it should be, and we cant adjust the temperature. There are like 100 managers and each of them will tell you the same things over and over, like im not already doing the same shit every day anyway. also, each of the managers want you to do everything all different kinds of ways, and you basically have to guess what is really the right thing you should even be doing. The area manager comes in every now and again just to be annoying and rude. He once told me that im not smart enough for the simplest tasks…. and then said “Just kidding.” He completely struts around with his man nostrils open like he’s some shit, but he sucks. the turkey smells like my dogs food, and comes in a pink preserve jelly that is utterly disgusting, i refuse to eat the turkey. DO NOT EAT THE TURKEY! Also, customer service is not a priority. If you order a 5 Vito and end up getting a 4 Turkey Tom by mistake, and come to complain, we will tell you “Too bad, so sad.” because at JJ’s the customer is “usually” right. Also, there is a strict NO SMOKING policy. This is Colorado, i work at a sandwich shop… you don’t have to be a genius to know whats going on here so ive been caught before. on my own time i get in trouble for smoking. its not illegal, but its against JJ’s policy. the tuna is 40% tuna and 60% celery and onions for filler(gives you the shits). The bacon is basically bacon jerkey. Its precooked in a vacuum seal bad and they are so greasy. and if you’ve ever been a customer, we have talked shit about you as you try to shove the entire sandwich in your mouth at the booth in the corner, you weirdo.

    There are a few pros to the JJs experience (and i am in no way defending this horrid place, but you gotta think positive sometimes)
    The General manager is so awesome, he tries in all his power to make sure you get the hours you request, and to make sure youre okay and not starving or hurting. He actually cares about all of us as human beings, he shows us so much respect and actually makes the job kinda worth it.
    Employees get to have a free sandwich after every shift, (you may not think theyre good, but when theyre free you really cant complain. can you?) i try to mix it up every time!
    The smell of fresh baked bread is my favorite!
    I met my best friend, Ali!!!
    i make pretty decent money for a silly sandwich job. Its fast paced, and its really painfully easy. Theres no cooking, no mixing.. just slapping meat between two breads and sending it out. “Freaky Fast???” lol… kinda.

    Say what you want about Jimmy’s, but you can never say that i never told you so.

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