Now I know why Jimmy John’s Sucks: Jimmy is an idiot, and it all trickles down

I came across this video of Jimmy John himself delivering a whole lot of sandwiches to a store opening contest winner….

I am not even going to get into the financial aspect of wasting 1,000 sandwiches…

The customer looks pissed off, the neighborhood and HOA are going to be pissed off at the fact that there are 10000 seagulls that are going to swarm the place, not to mention other wildlife… the maintenance crew is going to be cursing jimmy john’s….

i think the only ones that will be happy about this would be those who are not fortunate enough to put food on their plates, which judging by that apartment complex is not very many people…. hopefully someone ended up donating them to a homeless shelter or soup kitchen or something.

WHY would ANYONE at Jimmy John’s think that this is a good idea? Why would ANYONE even let someone do this, even if they were the owner and founder of the company? Doesn’t anyone have any sense of morality at that company? If you take pride in your sandwiches, why would you load them up and dump them out like it is trash day. Essentially, that is what you did…. you dumped a pile of trash on some guys yard….


4 thoughts on “Now I know why Jimmy John’s Sucks: Jimmy is an idiot, and it all trickles down

  1. Not going to lie, if I lived in that complex I would’ve snatched one for breakfast…that is if I loved mayo that much.

  2. Real or not, THIS IS AN OFFICIAL COMPANY PROMOTION. And it’s a fucking trainwreck!!

    Jimmy John couldn’t buy a clue with $20 million. His sammiches suck, and his only edge is fast delivery. Of sammiches that suck.

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