Boom Boom Down, Don’t Tell them I’m the Informer

Some light listening as you read this blog…..

So I went to Boulder a while ago…. a long while ago, and while I didn’t get kicked out for being a snitch, I did have a pretty good sandwich.

So we went to the Southern Sun and normally I walk in there and all of a sudden I turn into a hippy, only wanting the latest and greatest organic foods and a side of incense. I always look at the menu and end up getting the same thing… an avocado and pepper jack, in a wrap, with french fries inside and a side of vegetarian chili. Well this time I wouldn’t let Booouuuulder take a hold of me that easily.

So I looked at the menu again…. sure enough, my usual was not even on the menu any more (although if you look at the online menu it is there….) but I saw something that caught my eye…. it was the Boom Boom sandwich. Now, I am not going to lie, I was tempted to ask them for my usual anyway, because I know they would still make it, but I didn’t. I really really looked at the menu….. and I decided on a salad, or a burger…. or maybe a grilled cheese…. and the waitress came back.

“What would you like? Do you know yet?” she asked patiently, seeing that we had put our menus down.

“blah blah blahlada balhadha blahd blah” Emily said… i think she ordered something I tried to block out, like a tuna fish sandwich or something…. ick… the thought of tuna fish sandwiches makes me gag….

“and what will you have?” the waitress asked me?

“A boom boom sandwich” I exclaimed “oh wait… what? did I just say that? I mean… is that good? do you recommend that?”

“Uhhh, yeah. it is pretty good… I like it. Is that what you want? Anything else?”

“Fries, not chips…. thanks” i say sheepishly having just come to realize my inability to order under pressure.

So then it came…..
Udi’s thick cut whole wheat bread, mixed greens, roasted red peppers, and a portobello mushroom grilled ever so slightly. It had olive oil, a little bit of balsamic, and the sweet oil from the roasted red pepper. The mixed greens were crisp and fresh, and the mushroom was nice and plump. the cheese was melted, but the bread wasn’t toasted, and the cheese had a nice layer of the mushroom without dripping off too much.

And of course the fries….. cut from potatoes…. like right there. they sliced them and made them into fries. i like those kinds…. (i could probably have a potato blog, but i don’t have time… sorry). Well I carefully extruded my toothpick from the sandwich and took a bite… It was really tasty. A little on the small side, but it was pretty dense. The bread was crunchy on the outside because of the thicker crust, but the inside was still able to soak up some moisture and oils. There was just enough salt and pepper on the sandwich to really bring out the flavors without being too powerful.

I ate a couple of bites without the fries, and then I took a couple of bites with the fries inside. Better with them outside, so out they went.

Well, here is the breakdown:
Pro: Very flavorul. Powerful mix of bitter greens, dense bread, light oil, and almost meaty flavor of the mushroom. An excellent cooking job, and the roasted red pepper tied it all together.
Cons: A little on the small side. I would have liked to see another 5-6 bites…. but that’s just me. The fries were good, but the jalepeno that came with the sandwich was useless…
Overall Rating: B+


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