How do you determine what is a sandwich?

Now I have set some standards for what is a sandwich, but I also have been questioned numerous times whether things count as a sandwich…. Everyone has their own idea of what a sandwich should be. If you watch the food network, you will see everything from a bite sized morsel to a pile of pig products on top of a loaf of bread. That is a pretty big range.

I think a sandwich is whatever you want it to be.

I may argue why I don’t think that a sandwich should be called a sandwich, and I may tell you that a burger is really just a sandwich, but not a sandwich because of semantics. I have already talked about why i don’t think a double down is a sandwich, but I also was asked today if a Latke Sandwich would be a sandwich…. because it is a potato pancake instead of bread.

That got me thinking… what exactly is the difference? is it the carbs? Is it the fact that people in reality do make bread out of potatoes but do not make bread out of chickens? where is the line drawn? if you were to put a whole mess of frenchfries together and make it so it is a solid, and used that as bread, would it be a sandwich?

I am sort of torn here, because I like the idea of a latke sandwich, but I do not like to contradict myself and say that you cannot make a sandwich out of things that are not bread…. While I do not have an issue with eating something that has potato pancakes as bread, I do not know what to call it. Not only that, but I never have any leftover latkes anyway, so there is no way I can make a sandwich out of it…. I would have to do that from the start, which I don’t know about. I could see how putting brisket with apple sauce would be really good on the latke… or even some horseradish, spring greens, and chives… or a fried egg and cheese…… but would it be hypocritical to call it a sandwich?

I guess I may just never know….


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