PB&J is not a true sandwich…. or is it?

So according to my definition, a sandwich must have the outside containing a bread substance, layers, and something substantial on the inside….. but where does that leave the classic Grape Jam and Jiffy Peanut Butter? While many may agree that a PB&J is the most classic of all sandwiches, I have some arguments for you….

While in an earlier post, I described that a sandwich must have 2 main ingredients, 1) bread and 2) something to put between the bread. As I have delved into sandwich theory and created my own rules for a sandwich, that has been expanded upon. I have started to be aware that in order for a sandwich to really be a good sandwich it must have the 1) bread and 2) layers… but those layers are divided into 2a) Sauce/Spread and 2b) Substantial layer (meat, cheese, veggies, solids, etc).
By this definition, a classic PB&J is only bread and sauces/spreads as i use both peanut butter and jelly on a number of sandwiches as additions to the sandwich. I think that the only way that a PB&J could be a sandwich would be if the Peanut butter was crunchy and/or the jelly was more of a jam or a preserve, or if you add in some other insides, like a handful of other nuts or fruits to give it that substantial layer that I feel is so desperately needed to create an actual sandwich.
Say what you will… tell me that your mom has been making you sandwiches with love and that PB&J is one of those sandwiches…. Tell me that Peanut Butter is really all full of proteins and that for that reason alone it should be considered to be the “meat” to your potatoes. One of the original reasons for peanut butter was so that toothless people could have protein, because they couldn’t eat meat. You can even try and convince me that the jelly is made of real fruit and that is why it should be considered a sandwich.

The truth of the matter is you are wrong. Peanut Butter is a spread. Jellies and Jams are spreads. What do you say when you describe the action of applying both of these layers? You SPREAD them. you do not layer them, you do not place them, you do not stack them. You SPREAD them…. that is what you do with butter, mayo, aioli, mustard, and any other spread or sauce that you put on a sandwich or a cracker…..

But what is it about a PB&J that tricks us into thinking that it is a sandwich? it is because it is made with love most of the time. It has its heart in the right place, and by being 2 layers stuck between slices of bread, this combination has been put upon the pedestal that we call a sandwich. (well, I put them on a pedestal anyway… Man i love sandwiches…. ) I will concede that you can make a sandwich out of all of the ingredients that go into a PB&J, but you need to expand upon it. You need to look at the roots of those layers and get down to the basics. You need the nuts in their true nut form, and you need the jams in their unrobed versions; the naked fruits. You can use the jellies as a spread, and the peanut butter as a mortar to hold in the insides…. but you must get the substance in there…. you need to be able to take a bite out of your sandwich and come out holding it strong, feeling the crunch and be able to chew something besides the bread. You shouldn’t have to pry the sandwich off of the roof of your mouth with your tongue in between bites, everything should be chewed and swallowed as if it were meant to be that way.

I apologize for blowing your mind. I am sorry that I have taken something you so dearly treasure and exposed a cruel reality. I had no intentions of showing you that it was just a man behind the great and powerful wizard…. I just want to show you the truth. Layers between bread, made with love do not always equal a sandwich…..


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