Pint’s pub; a bird in the hand is better than a bush

What do you do when you are faced with the decision between a bird in the hand and a highlander? I mean…there can only be one.  What will you do?

Upon the recommendation of the server I opted for the bird in the bush, which was a turkey sandwich with onions, mushrooms and dijon. It also had tomato and lettuce on it as well. It was supposed to have dill havarti on it but I opted for no cheese.


Sandwich came and it looked pretty tasty. Nice thick bun with sesame seeds on it. The sandwich was pretty thick with nice thick slices of smoked turkey. After first bite I felt like it needed something… I wanted to like it, I could tell that there was a lot of potential. The bread was crispy and the meat had a lot of flavors. The onions were well cooked, as were the mushrooms. What is it? I ask myself… What could it need? Salt. Definitely salt.


I added salt and a little bit of pepper to the sandwich and all of a sudden the flavors popped. The sandwich was great… Definitely was better than a crappy movie about a guy with a sword named Mccloud…

So the sandwich gets an A. I even added french fries to it and it didn’t make the sandwich any better… I recommend the food and the scotch (if you like that stuff) at Pint’s Pub any time. Great Service and a great place to hang out!

Overall Rating: A
Presentation: A-
Structure: A-/A
Flavors: B+ (pre salting)/A After Salting

Non-Sandwich Related:
Atmosphere: A
Service: A
Price: B+


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