Jelly Sandwich, yep, I said that…

But it isn’t what you are thinking:

This was a Jelly Sandwich, but contained no fruit…
Jelly Is a restaurant in Denver, right by the Molly Brown House Museum. My Fiance works down there and raves about the breakfast sliders there… Mostly because they are made of goat cheese. But I didn’t get the sliders… I got this:

Curry chicken – Curried chicken w/ apples, cashews, and sprouts served on whole wheat bread with a side of sweet potato fries. I have been in a curry and ginger mood recently, and thought that this was right up my alley. I waited patiently for the sandwich to come, and I drank water out of a mason jar with a handle. The decor of the place is great, with cereal boxes all over and the colors happen to be the same colors as my wedding is going to be…. dunkin donuts colors. Brown, Pink, and Orange… I like it.

My sandwich came, as did my mom’s burger, and this is what it looked like.

Now, I might have explained this before, but I don’t really like tuna-fish or chicken salad or things of that texture. People often say that I have too many rules to be a sandwich guy, but I don’t mind. I am who I am… So, anyway. Right off the bat, I see this sandwich and it looked good, and it smelled ok, and it was thick and had the veggies in there and the chicken… but unfortunately the chicken was in salad form. I was expecting more of a chicken breast or something like that.

But, a chicken salad sandwich is better than no sandwich, so I took a bite Au naturale. The bread was good, a whole wheat with all sorts of seeds and stuff in there. The sprouts were fresh, you could taste that… The curry flavor wasn’t all that intense, but I wasn’t really sure what to add. I decided to put a couple of drops of siracha on it, and all of a sudden the curry really started to stand out. It still wasn’t all that strong, but it was at least noticeable. I finished the whole thing, and then went on to eat most of the sweet potato fries….

I think next time I will have to try the sliders, or one of their breakfast sandwiches. The only problem is, they close at 3 pm.

Overall Rating: B
Presentation: A-
Structure: A-/A
Flavors: B- (pre siracha)/B After Siracha

Non-Sandwich Related:
Atmosphere: A
Service: B/B+ We were there right at closing.
Price: B


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