Meatloaf can be a sandwich, not just a bad singer

Please forgive me. Like I said, I had some catching up to do, so this sandwich is from a long time ago….

The details of this sandwich are a little fuzzy, but I do remember that it was a little disappointing. I was all excited about getting a meatloaf sandwich, because normally they are big, healthy servings of juicy meatloaf, covered in ketchup and onions and all sorts of other goodies. You should put them on texas toast, that is wonderfully toasted, and you should be able to pick them up and have them be easy enough to eat. They shouldn’t be like sloppy joes, but they also should not be like a burger. There is something spectacular about a good piece of meatloaf, with breadcrumbs and other stuff in there.

It was a cold day in December, and there were a couple of us that were hungry so we decided to go the Blue Canyon which is a restaurant in downtown golden. This place has been around for years, but just recently moved and updated their menu and their atmosphere. They had burgers before, but not sandwiches. I was pretty excited because they offered this buffalo meatloaf sandwich. With sweet potato mashed on the side. They said it came on thick texas toast. Well, I ordered it, and I was hungry. In fact, a couple of us got sandwiches. Much to my dismay, Emily cannot remember what she got, she only remembers that her sandwich was not very tasty.

So anyway, we ordered our food, and we ordered some beers. It took a while for us to get our food, but when it showed up, the sandwich was sort of what I was expecting.

It was a nice healthy piece of meatloaf, with some sauce on thick toast, which is what the menu said. It looked good, as did the sweet potato mash. Upon further inspection, the bread was not really toasted. It looked like they threw it in the pan for a little bit. The ketchup/sauce that they dabbled on the meatloaf has started to soak through the bread, giving me the idea that the bread wasn’t properly toasted, and would most likely be soggy. I picked it up carefully and took a bite. There was no pop. There was no flavor. Even though I was super duper hungry, my desire to eat this sandwich was no longer. I took a spoonful of the sweet potato mash and smeared it on the sandwich. This didn’t really help at all. I grabbed the salt and pepper, and went to town, trying to bring out some of the flavors in the meat. It didn’t really help.

I took another couple of swigs of my beer and went back to eating…. Eventually I got the whole sandwich down, and when the server came back I couldn’t bring myself to tell her just what I really thought about the sandwich. I wish that they would have had their sandwich taste as good as it sounded…. I was severely let down by this sandwich. I will go back there again, but I know I wouldn’t get the same sandwich again….

Overall Sandwich Rating: C
Presentation: B-
Structure: C-
Flavors: C

Non-Sandwich Related:
Atmosphere: B (it is a bar… we were in the basement, which is sort of like a night-club/dance hall)
Service: B/B+ They were pretty busy, but they were friendly.
Price: B (not super spendy, but good sized portions)


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