Chicken and Waffles, not just for breakfast anymore

After a day of skiing with great friends, soft snow, my friend and fellow sandwich lover Phil and I decided that we should stop by Tommy Knockers Brewery for some food and brew. I have been there before, and their Pastrami was ok, but their grilled cheese was amazing (pre-sandwich blog…. but it has jalepenos and is a double decker…mmmmm). But after a day of skiing, Tommyknockers is a great place to stop. And stop we did.

The problem with Tommyknockers is that they have a lot of sandwiches on their menu, and when I am hungry I just want to eat them all. The grilled cheese is one of my favorites, but I wanted to try something different. After toying with the idea of a smokehouse buffalo sandwich, I opted for the item with the NEW mark next to it. A chicken and waffle sandwich. I am not from anywhere where fried chicken and waffles are a combination, but I probably should be, because I love this combo. I love waffles, and I love fried chicken, so why wouldn’t they be good together.

So I ordered the sandwich, and it came pretty quick as does most of the food there. When it showed up, it smelled as good as it looked, and just because you can’t remember it as well as I can, here is a picture.

I decided that because this sandwich was pretty complex as it was, I didn’t want to just start slathering it up with french fries and added sauces. i took the sandwich and divided it into 4 quarters. I ate the first one just by itself, and it was pretty tasty, but I think I was expecting a little bit more of the pepper and crispy flavor to come out in the chicken. I thought that the bread (waffle) to chicken ratio was a little much, and I was getting more of the waffle flavor. I then added some of the bbq sauce that we had from our wings. This was ok, but it wasn’t really helpful enough to bring out the flavors that I felt like it was the right choice. I went over to the honey-mustard. That really helped the flavors pop, and brought out the friedness of the chicken. I never thought mustard on waffles would be all that good, but it worked with a good balance of the chicken. On the fourth quarter, I tried to mix the bbq and the mustard, but in the end just the mustard was a better way to go.

I would surely order this sandwich again, and do honey-mustard right from the start…..

Overall Sandwich Rating: A-
Presentation: A
Structure: A (very strong, the waffles are great at holding in the sauces…. Yeah Waffles!)
Flavors: Quarter 1: B Quarter 2: B Quarter 3: A+ Quarter 4: A

Non-Sandwich Related:
Atmosphere: A- (It gets a little crowded and loud, but still fun)
Service: A+ (no matter how many people are in there, the staff is always great and super nice)
Price: B/B+ (Good sized portions, especially on the apps. Beer is pretty cheap and they have a good selection. You always get plenty of fries and whatnot)


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