A Christmas Dinner Sandwich

I know, Christmas was a long time ago…. but I just found this picture as well. The sandwich was made on a homemade roll that rose outside in the sun. The turkey was wonderfully cooked, and the cranberry sauce was more like a chutney. The mashed potatoes were a little bit soupy, so they didn’t go on the sandwich.

I cut the roll in half, put on a healthy pile of turkey, and smothered it with the cranberry sauce. it was more like a thanksgiving turkey, but the neighbors decided to have us over for Christmas dinner.

While the roll was tasty, it was really big, which meant that it threw off the meat to bread ratio. i didn’t want to look like a pig by eating all of the turkey…. (actually there was a lot of turkey. this was my second helping).

Well cooked ingredients, but the ratio being off, sandwich gets a B+.


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