Mier’s Makes Them Higher

Mier’s Deli doesn’t see enough traffic I don’t think, but I am ok with that. Every time I go in there, there is no line, and the sandwiches are great.

So please don’t go there…. Just kidding. Just don’t go there when I want a sandwich. I would love to see this place see more visitors, but I enjoy the Mom and Pop feel, and the homestyle environment. I went in there and ordered a turkey and roast beef sandwich, with mustard, lettuce and tomato. Now don’t forget, that when they make these sandwiches, they give you a third piece of bread…

Now lets dissect this sandwich…. there is obviously good structure. You can see the definitive layers and you can see where they put the mustard on both sides. You can see the lettuce and tomato, and you can see the bread. Now the bread in this one is not toasted, but they do have a toaster, so if you ask them, they will do that for you.

This sandwich could have been toasted, but the meat to bread ratio was spot on. The lettuce was crunchy, and the tomato was fresh. I like the mustard on both sides (spicy on the turkey, brown on the roast beef) and it stayed together well. You don’t need any sides with it, you just need to be able to open your mouth wide enough to put the sandwich in there.

Overall Sandwich Rating: A-
Presentation: A
Structure: A
Flavors: A-

Non-Sandwich Related:
Atmosphere: A
Service: A+
Price: A+


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