Potato, Potahtoe…. Fratellis, Fratellos.

Remember when you were much younger and your imagination ran wild and chunk comes up and is about to pass out because he is winded and scared and he smells like he might have crapped himself but you aren’t really sure, but he is blabbering about there being bullet holes in the back of a jeep 4×4?

Remember when you tried to look for one eyed willy, but you ended up having to deal with a crazy old lady who threatened to cut out your friends tounge, and a couple of brothers that reminded you of a bad slapstick comedy? Well, I don’t either, but I do remember watching the movie Goonies enough times to think that it may have actually been a part of my reality.

Chunk loved baby ruths and ice cream, and I love sandwiches. Every time I go to Fratellos I cannot help but think about one of my favorite movies of my youth. I think about the antics, and I think about how crazy of a time that must have been for those childhood heros like mikey, mouth, data, and chunk. By this point, you might have gotten the idea that the place that I am talking about is a run down, holed up restaurant in the middle of nowhere, but in fact it is just the opposite.

Fratellos is a micro-brewery, tavern and restaurant in Oshkosh, Wi, right by the Fox river. They have a large outdoor space, plenty of parking for boats and cars, and they are one of the few places that actually seem to be open in Oshkosh on a sunday…. let alone a place where you can get beer AND food. Anyway, we went to Fratello’s because the Mexican restaurant that we wanted to try out wasn’t open. The crew that went was me, my brother, my fiance, my brother’s wife, and my oldest friend in the world. We sat down and started talking, and before we knew it, we had forgotten to actually look at the menu. Eventually we got around to checking out what this place had to offer besides beer (i seem to end up here every time I come back, because their food is pretty good, and they have descent brews… really good appetizers and happy hour). I of course went to the sandwich section, which is pretty hearty. At this point in the trip, I am beginning to think that maybe Wisco is not a bad place at all for sandwiches… I just needed to look a little harder. But I decided on a:

Roasted turkey, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and spring mix
with a sun-dried tomato aïoli on seven grain bread 9.49

We went back to talking about life and what was going on, and then our food came out. I was pretty hungry at this time, because I hadn’t eaten any breakfast, because I was expecting a large mexican meal, but it was pretty slow in the restaurant and the service was really quick…

My sandwich came, and it looked pretty good….

It was in fact on a seven grain bread, and it did have mixed greens and sliced tomatoes. it had turkey on it, although I would have rather it had more, it was good turkey non-the less. The tomatoes were cut thick and the bread was toasted, but just enough that it added a little bit of crunch. it wasn’t like biting into a piece of cardboard, it was still soft and chewy, but not so soft that it would stick to the roof of your mouth. The sun-dried aioli could have been enhanced a little bit, and there could have been a little bit more of that. I would have liked to see a little bit of olive oil or some basil as well which would have helped bring out the flavors. possibly some candied walnuts or something crushed up real thin to bring out the grain flavor of the bread would have been good.

Overall, it was a very tasty sandwich, with a good time had by all. There really is nothing better than hanging out with your oldest friends, except hanging out with your oldest friends and eating sandwiches and laughing and having a good time.

Overall Sandwich Rating: A=
Presentation: A
Structure: A-
Flavors: A- (it needed more freshness…. but then again it was january in wisconsin…. )

Non-Sandwich Related:
Atmosphere: A (it is an awesome place in the summer, when you can sit on the porch and be by the water)
Service: A (the waitress had a good name… and was very friendly)
Price: B- (this place is a pricy for some stuff, but not for others. Their pizzas are pretty decent, and they have a great happy hour)


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