Bobcats bite; a burger eaters delight

on a recent trip to santa fe we went to a local burger joint named bobcat bite. it’s a little bit outside of town but it’s famous for its green chili burgers.

it has been featured on the food network a number of times in the owners are very nice people. They don’t have a lot of seating and there are only 8 seats at the bar. We got there a little on the earlier side, but that is only because my Aunt and Uncle know that this place filled up. They don’t serve a whole lot more than meat here. but they know what they are doing, and they do it well. This place is famous for its green chili burger, so that is what I ordered; medium rare.

When it came, it was a lot bigger than I had imagined. It looked like it had a good meat to bread ratio, and it was definitely going to need both hands to eat this thing. I sat back, made sure the green chili was spread out, and II snapped a pic. Then I headed into burger town with a couple of bites into this green chili burger…

I made it through the burger without a hitch, not being able to set it down for fear of not being able to pick it up again. It was wonderfully cooked, and it was just juicy enough that it dripped over a handful of the potato chips. I have heard that every burger is cooked to perfection there, every time, and judging by what I saw, I would believe it. I wish I could do that at home. I am not normally a slaw fan, but I ate a whole bowl of it as well. The potatoes were quite tasty, even though I didn’t eat too many of them. I honestly think that if the burger came with fries, the meal would have been too much.

In the book Hamburger America, it mentions that the flavors shouldn’t be ruined by adding ketchup and mustard to the green chili burger. I didn’t add either, but I don’t think it would have been all that bad. the green chili was good, but given that it is early in the season, the chilis didn’t have a lot of kick to them, and were a little sweeter, which could have gone well with a little yellow mustard. Anyway, I would give it a good rating, as many others have.

Overall Sandwich Rating: A
Presentation: A
Structure: A
Flavors: A+

Non-Sandwich Related:
Atmosphere: A+ (you can sit there in a tiny room, at the bar, watching the birds and the wildlife)
Service: A+ (a mom & pop shop that cares about its customers)
Price: A (Cash Only)


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