Guest Blogger: David Rontal- Why a hotdog is a sandwich

Because I have not updated the blog in a while, some people get really touchy about it. They have resorted to becoming guest blogs.

Since you are only a wanna-be sandwich blogger, I figured I would help out with some content this week.

Here is a blog post on why a hot dog is a sandwich. Feel free to author a counterpoint. However, should you disagree with me, I’ll burn down your house.

Why a hotdog is a sandwich

bread (a bun is bread) + filling (the hot dog) + sauces (mustard only) = sandwich.

Disagree with me and I’ll slash your car tires.

While I do not fully agree, I must pose a couple of questions….
1. what about a chicago dog?
2. what about kielbasa or sausage, are these sandwiches? can you use only mustard on them? What happens if you add sauerkraut?
3. Does a hotdog eating contest count as a sandwich eating contest? most of them don’t use mustard at all.
4. What if you eat your hotdog without a bun, is it a hotdog, or a breadless sandwich?


4 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: David Rontal- Why a hotdog is a sandwich

  1. answers to your questions

    1. What about a chicago dog?? Its still bread meat, toppings, and sauce, and therfore a sandwich

    2. again, why even ask this question. Its still bread, meat, topping, sauce.
    You can put whatever sauce\topping you want on there.
    A good question might be is if relish is a topping or a sauce…

    3. you seriously get bogged down in semantics too much. relax. And while they may not use mustard, all serious competitors use soda to lube things up. Its absolutely gross, but thats competitive eating for you…

    4. seriouslY? What if you eat a slice of turkey by itself? Do you really need to ask this question.

    I am mad at your blog for;

    A) Not providing me with ample entertainment and sandwich blogging
    B) Posing these stupid questions

    please get back to work

  2. I think a chicago dog is perfectly acceptable as a sandwich, as is a regular hot dog with any condiment. The guest blogger on the other hand seemed to specify that there were certain stipulations on his “sandwich” such as only using mustard.

    I would agree with emily that hot dogs are a category by themselves… but I think it is really hard to toast the hotdog bun correctly without it tearing apart and becoming two pieces…. I have had the occassional hotdog sandwich, where you put 2 hotdogs between 2 pieces of bread, which are toasted.. and then layer up with mustard, ketchup, kraut, peppers, salsa, etc…. mmmmm.

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