Review: “Toast IT” brand reusable toaster bags

I got a link from a few of my friends, and guest blogger extraordinaire, and it was about toaster bags, that would turn your toaster into a grill. Click here for the video! On the same day that I got that link, I purchased some Toast IT brand toaster bags that claim to do the same thing.


Well, here is my review, and the steps that I took to make myself a “Grilled Cheese” using the recommended methods.

First: Create your sandwich: Fill up between your bread with lots of yummy ingredients. I chose a 7 grain bread with a layer of butter, some minced garlic, a layer of pepper jack, a layer of cheddar, and then a layer of home-made apricot preserves (yes, there was fruit in it… actual chunks of it) and then more butter.

Then, you put your completed, ungrilled, untoasted sandwich in the “Toast It” Bag. My sandwich was sort of thick, but it did make it in there with some comforting and coaxing.

Once it is securely in the bag, you have to put it in the toaster. Unfortunately, my standard size toaster is not large enough to put the entire sandwich sideways in the bag in the slot…. so I had to rotate 90 degrees to get it to fit, which meant the edges on one side were not exposed to the elements.

I put the toaster to med, and my toaster is pretty weak….. after about a minute, I noticed a small plume of smoke coming out of the toaster…. I quickly pulled the sandwich and toaster bag out, and much to my dismay, this is what it looked like….

The heating elements had burned right through the bag and fortunately did not leave melted plastic on the sandwich. What i have here is a picture of the sandwich in the cast iron, looking through the melted “Toast IT” bag.

This is not a very good picture, but it is the bag aftermath….

To top it all off, my cheese wasn’t even melted…. and the toasting was not even at all….

“Toast IT” Toaster Bags Rating: F- ****COMPLETE FAIL*****

To make it better, I finished off the sandwich the way it should be…. in a medium temperature cast iron skillet with melted butter and a little bit of olive oil…. cooked until the cheese started to drip just a little bit through the sides. Upon completion of the grilling, I ate the sandwich, with a handful of Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips…. and it was great. The pepper jack and apricots balanced each other nicely, and the garlic is always a nice touch when dealing with 7 grain bread and butter and oil.

All in all, this sandwich got a B.


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