Another fun post about Jimmy John… and how much he sucks

This link was shared on my facebook page recently, with a link to another blog. I don’t make a habit of reposting, but I totally agree with this person. When I went into my rant about Jimmy John, it was because I disagree with his business models, I can’t stand his “sandwiches”, and I think he is a wasteful human being who has no respect for others.

This link that I was sent just adds to my point. People have claimed that i get worked up when people talk about Jimmy Johns, but really, the man does not deserve to be successful. AND…. his sandwiches SUCK….. for real. He brings no good to the human race.

Please enjoy reading about how other people also dislike Jimmy John, because he sucks. I won’t eat at any of his restaurants (in fact I haven’t since my first experience a while ago)

you can also sign up on this page on facebook to not eat at his restuarants… which is what I encouraged a long time ago…


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