A Very Tall Victory Sandwich

What is a victory sandwich? A victory Sandwich is a sandwich you have once you have conquered something immense and claimed Victory. What did I do to deserve this? That is the question.

The last week was stressful and often times complicated. And it has been a while since I have eaten a sandwich… I had all sorts of un-needed stresses like work and whatnot, but I also went on a pretty long bikeride where I beat myself up because I only have a rigid bike. This is not about that though…. it is about the conquering of huge tasks and achievements. I deserve this sandwich because I conquered these demands that life has put upon me, and instead of putting up a frame for all my accomplishments in my office [cubicle] I decided to go eat a victory sandwich…

I went to Mier’s Deli and ordered a corned beef full sandwich on dark toasted rye, with onions, mustard, lettuce and tomato. As I was waiting for my sandwich, I ran into some old friends from a former life and they said they had never been there. They asked me why I liked Mier’s, and I stuttered like a child giving his first book report in front of the class and someone asks a question out of turn.

“ehh, ummm…. well” I stutter. “Because they are good… and um a good value. And they give you 3 pieces of bread.”
“oh… i see” they reply with a quizzical look.

Just then, they brought my sandwich out from behind the counter. It was a heaping pile of meat and bread, similar to a dagwood sandwich, only realistic to eat.

“Now I see why you like this place” they said, as they picked up the menu. I smirked to myself and gave the girl behind the counter a smile when they started asking about all of the options. I think the 3 layers of bread confuse people a little bit sometimes, because a half sandwich is actually a full sandwich… and a full sandwich is a double decker sandwich. Sort of like a grande at Starbucks is not really all that big…

Anyway, I am glad that I was able to help convince my friends to find a new place to get a sandwich… and I hope that they enjoy it. I don’t see how they couldn’t.

Here is the sandwich that I got:

Mier’s Deli
Overall Sandwich Rating: B+
Presentation: B+
Structure: B+ (although it was toasted, it could have been a little more toasted; also, the lettuce was against the mustard)
Flavors: B+

Non-Sandwich Related:
Atmosphere: A
Service: A+
Price: A+


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