Empanadas are like sandwiches, and not like tacos…

According to the state of massachusetts, burritos and tacos are not sandwiches… I would agree with that. I would also agree with the following quote:

“I know of no chef or culinary historian who would call a burrito a sandwich. Indeed, the notion would be absurd to any credible chef or culinary historian.”

I know some of you may disagree with me, but too bad… you are wrong according to the great state of MASS…. Anyway, something that is not covered in this suit is the idea of the empanada… not that would have been a real case in my opinion. A great debate over culinary discrepancies…

Is an empanada a sandwich? let us discuss, because the internet holds no answers… until now.

Lets make columns comparing a sandwich with an empanada…

Sandwich Empanada
Bread (squishy, compressible, toastable) Bread or pastry (squishy, compressible, toastable)
Layers in between bread Layers in between bread3
Sauces Sauces
Insides can come out through sides Insides can’t come out because they are inside
Yummy fillings yummy fillings
able to be eating without plates able to be eating without plates
Grilled or toasted Baked or fried
You can put what you want on them You can put what you want IN them
Hand-held, sometimes with two hands Hand-held, sometimes with two hands
Tasty Tasty
Fits in a sandwich protector Fits in a sandwich protector
could be cold could be cold, but better hot


So all in all, I would say that empanadas are sandwiches. Do you hear that internet? Empanadas are sandwiches. One in the same.

This empanada that I have shown here is a “Sweet Domino”, which is from Empanada Express in Golden. They are one of the best places in the denver metro area to get some authentic venezuelan food. This empanada has black beans, white cheese, and fried plantains all wrapped up with a spicy sauce and enveloped in a squishy baked and fried outside layer. The coolness of the spicy sauce helps you from burning your tongue, but you can also put a bunch in there and not worry because it won’t drip out the sides, which makes the structure better. It is great because you don’t need a plate, and you can take it with you in your pocket if you are careful. I wouldn’t recommend this, unless it is in a sandwich protector.

Empanada Express
Overall Sandwich Rating: B+
Presentation: B+ (it looks a little weak, but that’s because everything is inside)
Structure: A (the outside pocket is awesome for creating a leakproof seal)
Flavors: B+ (could use a little bit more spices while cooking… but very authentic tasting)

Non-Sandwich Related:
Atmosphere: B (there are a couple of articles and decorations, in a strip mall, nothing special, although they do have really good juice!)
Service: A+ (they are super-nice in there!)
Price: A- (A really good value!)


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