Double Sandwich, What does it mean?

So, for those of you who don’t understand the reference, you probably don’t spend a lot of time on the internet, but here is the link for your reference. So anway, what does it mean when you see a double sandwich? Well, it could mean a couple of things….

It could mean that you have two people who share the same idea about what would make a good sandwich, you could be eating a sandwich looking into a mirror, or maybe you could just have Double Vision. There are a lot of reasons you could have a double sandwich, just not a double down, because they aren’t sandwiches.

Anyway, The Philz and I were really hungry and were in Belmar, so we decided to go to The Oven for lunch. I had never been there, but Phil said that they had good pizza and he thought that they had good sandwiches as well. So on we went. We got there, and there were 4 people in the entire place, so we grabbed a table outside next to a couple on their first date and sat down with the menus…. I was going to go out for pizza that night, so I figured a sandwich would work… that and here is a little tidbit about me. I like sandwiches.

So first thoughts on the menu…. they have a combined salads and sandwiches category…. this right here might have been some foreshadowing. Of their limited selection of sandwiches, there was really only one that called out to me…

Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich – 9.95

It seemed to me that this would be a good idea, given that this place thrives on mozzarella and tomatoes. i figured it would be pretty tasty, but I also wanted to kick it up a notch, so I asked for a couple of slices of red onion on there. Phil, thinking that this was a great addition at the time, also asked for some red onion. I started thinking about the sandwich, and wondering what kind of bread it was going to come on, and how high the spring greens would be piled… i wasn’t sure if the spring greens would overpower the mozzarella, or if it would be toasted, or how the sandwich was going to come out. Nobody else in the place was eating one, so I didn’t have a reference.

Well, we listened to the guy behind us talk about food poisoning in argentina and how awesome his camera lens was, and how great he is at marketing, and then our sandwiches came….
Double Sandwich…. what does it mean?


It means that if you combine these, you might just end up with a full sandwich. I was a little shocked at how small this thing was, especially for the price. A D’Deli Sub is cheaper, but almost 3 times as big. the picture makes it look pretty big, but in reality, the bread was only about 1.5 inches wide, and it looked tall at first but upon further inspection, the bread was just really thick. I could see the balsamic drizzled on there, and the mozzarella looked pretty thick… tomatoes were thickly cut, and the red onion looked a little weak. I could barely see the spring greens, so I decided to add some from the salad that was on the side and see if that could make the sandwich a little heartier.

So after the addition, I took a bite. I looked at Phil, who had just taken a bite…
Phil says: “I think it needs something”
I had just poured some salt on mine and I offered him the salt… it seems to taste a little better with the salt. I also reached for the crushed red pepper flakes, the black pepper, and put another spoonful of spring greens in my sandwich. This thing was so thin that it would not stay together. it was like a finger sandwich, but without the little tooth-pick. The sandwich itself was lacking any kind of real strong flavor, except for the red onion, which was about the only thing on the sandwich that I could actually tell what it was. The salt helped bring out some of the flavors in the cheese, and tried to bring out some of the flavors in the tomato.

Phil and I went back and forth about what could have made this sandwich better…. was it the meat to filling ratio, was it the lack of strong flavors? was it the stringy mozzarella? Should the bread have been toasted? Garlic? Carmelize the onions? What was it? I thought that turning it into a pannini would be really helpful, and maybe adding a little bit of garlic would also help. Phil thought it had a lot to do with the fact that the cheese was not nearly as salty as he would have liked. We both thought that it could be bigger and toasted for sure. Overall I felt like we were both expecting a lot more out of our sandwiches from a place that supposedly had pretty good pizza…. I could have eating another whole sandwich and it would have been just about right, but when we asked for the bill, my stomach was still growling a little bit.

So the meal has concluded, we ask for the bill, and we are still talking about how we were a little disappointed with the outcome of these sandwiches. I like the idea of a thicker bread or even a garlic loaf or something like that, with some really good mozzarella and some really flavorful tomatoes. Maybe I am spoiled by the tomatoes from my garden, but I know you can get good ones other places….

So the bill comes, and this is what it looks like….

Does anyone else notice anything odd about this? Double sandwich means double the price? sure that is fine… but it also means double additions for 1/2 red onion? WTF Can you believe this? They charged us each $1 for a raw onion. 3 slices of the raw onion, and they are calling that half? Really? Not only that, but I can by a 5LB bag of onions for $3… why are they charging me a whole dollar for them to give me a sliver of one onion? This seems to me like extortion, times two. This just put a very bitter taste in my mouth, and kind of made me want to ask for the rest of the onion that I paid for!!!!

So, overall sandwich rating went from a C to a D-. This sandwich just got worse than my last blog post…. for real. Don’t give me a half of a sandwich, with no taste, and expect me to pay for an onion. Don’t expect me not complain about this for the next 3 days, and don’t expect me to go home and praise your sandwich. This sandwich is worse than the first date that those people were on, which i didn’t think was possible. The Oven is a terrible place to go get a sandwich, unless you want to pay too much for something you could have gone to subway for and it would have been just as good and half the price. At least subway won’t charge you for an onion… Double sandwich, what does it mean? you get screwed if you ask for extra onion….

The Oven
Overall sandwich rating: D-
Presentation: B-
Structure: C
Flavors: C

Non – sandwich related:
Atmosphere: B-
Service: B
Price: F


2 thoughts on “Double Sandwich, What does it mean?

  1. Excellent writeup, Dobish.

    This sandwhich was so frustrating, just to elaborate a bit.

    Texturally, the sandwich was all the same. The soggy flavorless tomato, with the unsalted\undersalted mozz, and the untoasted, overly thick for the sandwich ciabatta bread, it was ALL The SAME.
    Even the feild greens were limp and soggy. It was a disgrace.

    Speaking about similarity, the flavors, since the sandwich lacked seasoning, a proper balance of acidity and freshness, it all tasted like bread.
    One would think with fresh tomato, greens, and balsamic vinegar, there would have been a reasonable balance of flavors. It was like eating soggy bread. PB&J offers a more dynamic AND balanced palatte of flavors in comparison.

    Furthermore, I want to focus on the ratio of ingredients for just one second here.
    The slices of mozz and tomato would have been perfectly adequate and appropriate had this sandwich, had, say, a grilled chicken breast on it. (and maybe it would have been a really good sandwich)
    But for a strictly vegetarian sandwich, one would expect the “meat” of this sandwich to be a little more substantial. Another complete fail.

    Next, the bread.
    Honestly, it was really good bread, BUT, it was treated with no respect.
    Room temp, not toasted, not grilled, not pressed, not even seasoned with garlic or oil. I mean, how hard is it to toast the bread when you have a giant wood oven always burning? Could they have spent the 15-20s it would have taken to rub a fresh garlic clove on there? There was simply NO THOUGHT put into this sandwich.

    And last, but not least, that damned red onion.
    Get an onion, cut it in half lengthwise.
    Then cut that half in half lengthwise again
    Then take a very thin slice from the exposed half section to create one slice of “half-moons”. Thats what we got charged 1$ for each.

    D- all around

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