Huckleberry’s Unpressed Panini

It has been a very long time. Fear not, I still love sandwiches. This one however, I did not love. Emily and I went out with our friend Ramya, who was about 8 months pregnant at the time, and we went to the huckleberry for brunch. It was a quaint little spot, right in downtown Louisville. Cute decor and a nice looking patio off the back. We had a seat on the back patio, and I was hankering for something greasy, but still a little bit light. I Saw their menu, and the Panini section, so I settled on the Mozzarella Mushroom Sandwich for $8.95:
Portobella mushrooms, fresh mozzarella, and roasted peppers on housemade foccacia with balsamic drizzle. I asked for it as a panini… but what I got was not a panini.


What I got was a soggy, structureless excuse for a sandwich. The foccacia was not able to support the sandwich, the balsamic soaked through it, and the mozzarella was flavorless. The roasted peppers were barely noticeable and the basil tasted like it had been frozen. Nothing jumped out of the sandwich, and made me want to cherish each bite. This sandwich was to me as this blog has been for many of you, a disappointment. I was really hoping that this sandwich would have been a good comeback from the one at The Oven and its terrible excuse for an onion slice. This “sandwich” wasn’t even toasted, which I think might have helped bring out some of the flavors of the foccacia, but it might have also brought about a little bit of crispness and stopped the soaking through of the balsamic. I also don’t like that all of the slippery layers were next to each other. The cheese, the pepper, and the mushroom were all very prone to sliding, which makes it difficult to eat… especially when the sandwich is not even really big enough to grab with both hands.

I have yet to find a place with good foccacia bread around here, but when I do, you better believe I will make a great sandwich out of it…

the huckleberry
Overall sandwich rating: C-
Presentation: B-
Structure: D
Flavors: C

Non – sandwich related:
Atmosphere: B+
Service: B
Price: C


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