Another Jimmy John’s Suckage Report

My Best Man from my wedding just had a Jimmy John’s Unwich…. he has been deleted from all of my wedding photos.

My work just ordered a bunch of Jimmy John’s Subs, expecting freaky good and freaky fast…. with some delivery…. but wait, they didn’t deliver them. Someone had to go down there and spend 45 minutes picking up 8 sandwiches.  Then they forgot the chips, cookies and pickles on half of the orders.  They didn’t want to drive up here and deliver them…. but I thought that they had excellent service and freaky fast delivery.
I thought I would bring you another informative Jimmy John’s Suckage Report.


One thought on “Another Jimmy John’s Suckage Report

  1. Jimmy Johns gave me the wrong sandwich. Handed it right back and told them it wasn’t right. Instead of making me a good one, they recycled the thing. The girl pulled out the veggies and tossed them back to be reused, scooped out the mayo with her fingers, and gave it to someone else to assemble as my fresh gourmet sandwich. If this is what they do to a regular customer, it makes me wonder where they get their gourmet ingredients. Perhaps the dumpster behind Subway?

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