The Hippy in me says give me a Mountain Mi

So if we go back to October, and head into the Southern sun up in boulder, you will find this menu.


I was sort of on an asian kick back then for some reason, and i was really liking the freshness of the Bahn Mi’s with turkey I had been getting at D’Deli and I wanted to see if these boulderites knew what they were talking about. They have a great selection of beer up there at the Southern Sun and they have this ability to make me crave veggies, patchchouli, and super long guitar solos by Jerry.

I ordered this sandwich, and it came in its usual fashion, just after i finished my beer.  From this view, it looked pretty good,
image with lots of layers, and all sorts of yumminess. Unfortunately, when I went it pick it up, I realized I must have been looking through a magnifying glass. There is something about Udi’s bread that sort of makes me think of bagels. I love the bread, but I just don’t like it on my sandwiches… unless they are finger sandwiches. If I pay $9 for a sandwich and fries, I do not want it to be a finger sandwich.

I finished the sandwich, and the beer(s) and felt like I wanted more. I was a little disappointed by the size of the sandwiches, but the proportions were good.

Anyway, I would go back there, but I don’t know if I would order that sandwich again… I probably would… they have a lot of good veggies and stuff, and it was pretty fresh tasting. I was not a super big fan of their siracha mayo, I didn’t feel like it was hot enough.

Anyway, I love sandwiches. that is all.


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