Where is the love at loveland?

In colorado, there are plenty of places to get a sandwich, and there are plenty of places to ski. In fact, you pass quite a few sandwich shops on the way up the snow-covered peaks. But once you get up to the mountains, especially Loveland, your options are pretty much down to three places to get a sandwich.

1. Bring you own.
2. The Cafeteria
3. The Fireside Lodge or the Ratskeller

Well, I have been up there a couple of times, and while I have gotten a couple of sandwiches at the fireside, and the Ratskeller, I have never gotten one from the cafeteria, where you actually get to order on it what you want… sort of.

Since lunch time at the Luv is a busy place, they have an ordering system. They have a table set up in the middle of the deli area, with slips of paper a basket of pencils, and a couple of clipboards. The pieces of paper give you options of what you want to order, which includes pizza, chili, calzone, and of course sandwiches.

I was a little disheartened by my sandwich, but it was pretty tasty. I look forward to blogging about it later this year, since Loveland is now open!


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