And now for something completely different

A sandwich actually worth eating.

Turkey Yummy Ness

So this is a sandwich with a layer of guacamole, minced garlic, and a habanero sauce. Next comes a layer of turkey, topped with crispy onions, corn and bean mixture, roasted reds, green onions, and then sprinkled with basil. I was going for a southwestern flavor palette, which I feel works much better with a lighter meat, rather than a roast beef or a pastrami. I feel like this sandwich would have been bordering on perfect for the moment should I have had some thinly sliced grilled chicken, with a little bit of char on the outside, but still sliced thinly enough that you get a good balance of all of the ingredients.  The crispy onions added just a bit of texture, and the bread was crispy enough that there was additional crunch there.  The beans and corn had been marinated in a little bit of vinegar, so it brought out some of the flavors nicely. I feel like more crunch and texture in the sandwich would have really made things pop.

The way the sandwich was, the guacamole was nice and creamy, and blended well with the turkey. It was not the best sandwich i have every had, that is a story for a different time. This sandwich was fairly basic when you break it down:  The corn, beans, basil, guac, garlic, roasted reds, habanero, and onions is a standard combination in southwestern cooking. Grilled chicken with a nice biscuit are very good compliments to this vegetarian base for a good hearty meal.  Given that D’Deli does not offer biscuits or grilled chicken, I needed to go with one of the standard options: white or wheat.

The key in this sandwich was the freshest of ingredients. If the guacamole wasn’t as creamy, it would not have blended as well. if the basil was not fresh, it can ruin the flavor. if the onions were wilted, they get that funny smell that just kills the entire flavor. I think that the two biggest factors in this sandwich that needed to be fresh tasting were the turkey and the bean/corn mixture. Beans and corns can be so variable, depending on how they are cooked. If they had sat for too long and got mushy, it would have made the entire sandwich have the same texture. If the turkey was not fresh, it starts to get slimy, and the sauce and guacamole would not stick to it, causing a bit of separation between flavors.

This sandwich (along with the support of one or two of my favorite followers) has helped me look deeper at the complexities of what goes into a sandwich? Where do our combinations come from? What decides the format in which we put our meals together? I guess we shall see.


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