Modify this Modmarket

This was my first trip to ModMarket over at Denver West.  At first thought, I was heading into a MUZAK store, since their logos are almost identical.  However, when I walked in the front door, I saw immediately that this was a different place. It was hip, chic, and smelled pretty good. They had about 10000000 menus posted on the front door, big tv screens, and had handouts.  There was a decent line, so I got to take my time thinking about what I wanted.

Since they had sandwiches on their menu, and they boast “Every item on on our menu is made from scratch from simple, whole ingredients. Our menu changes throughout the year to take advantage of seasonal items, so what you love today might be gone tomorrow. If you have any question about any item on our menu, email us, we have nothing to hide!” I decided that I might want to try one of their sandwiches.  It was either a sandwich or a salad, since I wasn’t really in the mood for a pizza.

Their sandwich options seemed interested, all pretty well balanced with some sauces, some greens, some proteins, and a good selection of breads.

I opted for the Thai Chicken Sandwich, mostly because it was on the menu and I would not need to modify it to fit my Kosher diet.  I find that very often I have to modify the sandwich that looks the best so that i can avoid the meat and cheese at the same time. I feel that this takes away from the origin of the sandwich, and can sometimes drastically change the flavor profile and texture of the sandwich.


When the sandwich came out, and it was Roasted Chicken, Sriracha, Cucumber, Cilantro, Mint, Shredded Carrots on Udi’s Ciabatta, with a Peanut Mango Dressing on the side.  As you can see from the picture above, there is a set method of layering going on here.  Another bonus for me was that it was not a chicken salad sandwich, (which I must admit, I had a little hesitation due to the fact that when I have ordered chicken sandwiches other places, they are chicken salad), and they actually seemed to care about where the sriracha went.  They didn’t just spread it on top of the cilantro and soak it into the bread. They layered it on top of the chicken, so it slowly leaked through to the bread, but dispersed through the cilantro greens.

I took a bite without the sauce, and the flavors were very vibrant. I tried to dip a tiny bit of the corner into the peanut mango dressing, and it was a nice addition. I opted for flipping the sandwich over, removing the bottom piece of bread, and spreading a little of the sauce on the sandwich. I took a bite, and i thought that the mango in the sauce helped liven up even more the flavors of the mint, sriracha, and cucumber. The profiles all worked well together, and it was apparent that they had really thought about how to make a complex sandwich with such a nice balance profile.

So it is a great sandwich, very tasty, and well balanced. But since I am such a critical person, I have to find something wrong with it right?  Of course I do.  What was my issue?

The Bread.

I like Udi’s bread, I think it is flavorful. I don’t like that everyone cuts it so you end up with such small little pieces. I wanted more of the bread, and the sandwich. I could have eaten 2 of them and it would have been a perfect meal. I think the Ciabatta option was a good one, since it added a little bit of that crunch without having to grill or toast the bread, but I wanted more than 3 bites per side.  maybe I am spoiled?  Maybe I feel that when I am having a sandwich for a meal, I want it to be substantial. I don’t want it to tide me over for a snack. This was a perfect snack sized sandwich for me. 6 bites, flavorful, and yummy.  If I could change 1 thing about the sandwich, it would be the size, especially since the other menu options all seem to be very large.  The salads are a huge plate full, the pizzas are enough for 2 people.

Also, to answer the trivia question from last week, then answer is no. It is not a sandwich. It is a salad. Not even a lettuce wrap. In no way at all is it a sandwich.

Next up?  Let’s go fishing.


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