Guest Blog: In Crust We Trust!

In Crust We Trust! – A Guest Blog By the Philz

I pledge allegiance to the Bread, and to the Sandwich for which it stands, one meal, between two slices, divisible into halves, with sauces and layers for all.
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Fresh from someone else’s Garden: First Class Eggplant Parm on a garlic loaf

So after eating some sandwiches at weddings, making some meat balls with my mom, and having my fill of dunkin donuts iced coffee, Emily and I were finally back in Colorado, but little did my roommates know that I had brought them a couple of surprises….

I smuggled a couple of garden fresh eggplants from my parents garden… well not really smuggled, since there was nothing illegal about it, and they were given to me because my folks had way too many eggplants to know what to do with. The other surprise was a little bit more along the lines of a body in a bag….
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This is a Mannwich for you Mr. and Mrs. Mann: BBQ on cornbread

So the whole reason I was in CT in the first place was to go to a wedding. The last time I saw the two getting married, they were riding their bikes across the country and needed a place to crash, and a tent that didn’t suck. Well, those were two things that I was able to provide for them, and their wedding was a lot of fun…

But I am not going to talk about the actual wedding, I am going to talk about the food… and the fact that the groom commented on the fact that I should be making a sandwich at his wedding.
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Mom’s Meatballs: Put them in my mouth!

My mom is great, plain and simple. She may not be the best cook around, but she does make some really good meatballs…. They were what I would ask for her to make me for special ocassions, like my birthday, and when I would stop by for a rare visit home from college. She uses a pretty simple recipe, which I will get up a little bit later, but the key to the good meatballs is the egg to meat ratio, which is 3 to 4 eggs per lb.

Well, I came home for a friends wedding, which was close to my parents house, and sure enough when my mom asked me what I wanted for dinner, my response was “MEATBALLS!!!” So she went to work making them….

Then Emily joined in, because she likes to help… I did eventually join in, even though I hate getting my hands dirty. I don’t mind doing the work and cooking, having meat and stuff stuck in between my fingers gives me the heebie-jeebies…

Emily is pretty good at making a good meat ball…

I made some garlic bread… with some good italian rolls, sliced in half, drizzled with olive oil, butter, garlic, oregano, basil, and a little bit of paprika, salt and pepper…. put it in the oven for 4 or 5 minutes on broil, and you are good to go…

Soon it was ready to eat… (i turned it into art)

mmmm. sandwich art…

I was a very happy person…. I was so excited, my hair was standing straight up!

Overall Rating: A-
Reason: Too much olive oil on the bread. it was a little messy. The meatballs were really tasty, but I would have made them bigger ( i tried, but I got scolded for goofing off…. silly mom)

Rosh Hashanah Sandwich: A new year slice of sweetness between the bread

La Shana Tova to all. When most people think about Rosh Hashanah, they don’t think about sandwiches do they? I mean, what are your favorite traditional jewish foods? When you think about the jewish New Year, what foods come to mind? I think of the ones that my grandma still makes around this holiday for the brunch after services at the beachhouse. I think about the brisket, the kugel, the bagels and cream cheese, the sweet potatoes and honey, the apples and honey, the raisin challah in the round loaf… with a little bit of salt…. so good. I think about eating my way through the afternoon, and being full all through the night.

Well, Emily and I hosted a Rosh Hashana Dinner the other day, and we had a lot of food… we had 2 types of kugel, a brisket, sweet potatoes, fresh-homemade tomato soup (with tomatos and basil from the garden), and plenty of challah. Apple pie for dessert, and we were good to go. I was sufficiently stuffed from all of this food… but really what I couldn’t wait for was the leftovers…. and the sandwiches to be made from said leftovers. My favorite part of thanksgiving is the turkey sandwiches after the meal, and one of my favorite parts of rosh hashanah is being able to reflect upon the year, notice the changes, and look forward to a sweet, happy, and healthy new year. i also like the sandwiches made out of leftovers.

What goes into a sandwich made out of rosh hashanah leftovers? that is a good questions. Whatever you want. This is what my sandwich looked like:

My sandwich went kind of like this:
Step 1: Prepare the ingredients. Slice off a really big piece of raisin challah. Heat up the 3 pieces brisket with onions and apricot preserves, 2 sweet potato pieces and honey (total; 1/2 sweet potato); 1 piece potato kugel. Pull out some mixed greens.
Step 2: Toast the bread: I probably should have put it in the toaster oven to give it a little more structure, but I pan toasted it in a cast iron skillet. The first 2 pieces I burned, but the second 2 were pretty good…. A touch of oil, but other than that, nothing else on them.
Step 3: Start with the spreads: I put a couple of spoonfuls of apricot preserves on one side, and the sweet potatoes on the other side. spread the sweet potatoes pretty thin, but you want things to stick in there.
Step 4: Start Layering: On the side with the apricot, I start laying out the brisket. You don’t want to overlap too much, but 3 pieces fit perfectly on the piece of challah that I sliced. After the brisket, I added the mixed greens, then a layer of honey, and then the potato kugel, which is separated and spread out so that it is even. This goes right against the sweet potatoes… If i had any of the tomato soup left, i might have put a little bit between the sweet potatoes and the kugel, but I didn’t, so there.

Then…. you eat. Because the bread wasn’t super firm, you needed to have a good grip on the sandwich. I probably could have cut it in half, but that seemed to take the fun out of it. It was tough to eat the whole sandwich in one sitting, given that it was basically a whole plate of food shoved into a sandwich….

Here is me eating the sandwich:

my rating: **** only 4 because of the bread’s structural integrity.

Another Fine D’Deli Sandwich: Turkey, Siracha, Honey, Pesto, Roasted Garlic, Sunflower Seeds and lots of greens

This sandwich was another fine example of why my local deli is so great…. the encourage people to put lots of stuff on their sandwiches and be creative. they want you to take some time in the line and enjoy your time there.

I was working on my house and was sort of hungry, so my roommate and I went down to D’Deli. He went with the Bahn Mi, which is a favorite of mine, but I wanted a variation of it. I went with a big turkey sandwich, but on one side of the bread i put a little bit of Siracha, some roasted garlic, some honey, and some chipotle aioli. On the other side I put some pesto. And then some sunflower seeds. Then I put down some turkey, on the side with the pesto. Then on top of that I put down some carrots…. then some sprouts… then some mixed greens. there was some fresh basil and cilantro in there. there were some red peppers in there as well… all in all, it was a very flavorful sandwich. here is a picture of it… being yummy.

But I think something went wrong somewhere….
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Garlic, Horseradish Cheese and Fried Egg on a Cornbread Tostada

So we have already covered that Dunkin Donuts is more american than Cornbread and American Cheese, so i had to step it up a little with this next breakfast sandwich. I wasn’t feeling super creative, but I had already had my donut for the morning from Dunkies….. I decided I would try and mix it up a little with something between southern comfort food, and a little more exotic sandwich.
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